Celebs Had Early Brush With Fame On the Dating Game

Serial rapist and murderer Rodney Alcala (who has been convicted of killing seven people and the number might united states be higher) was web site a cheerful contestant on the show, to whom the bachelorette decided to give a chance. (Google might have helped screen him out of the process . . . he had already been convicted of rape when he appeared, but the full extent of his crimes was still unknown.) Thankfully, she was not one of his victims. Arnold Schwarzenegger Before he was The Terminator, The Governator or the shameless philanderer, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a beefy bachelor, choosing between three flirty ladies one of whom was a Playboy bunny. When he asks Bachelorette Number One what she wants to do on their first date she says: Maybe we should go to another planet because earth is kind of strange Id like to go to an interesting place. Venus, maybe. Could this have planted Total Recall seeds in Arnies head? Andy Kaufman We were never quite sure of how much Lange, et al. More http://nypost.com/2014/02/27/celebs-had-early-brush-with-fame-on-the-dating-game/