CBS 'Elementary' Thanksgiving 2014 episode 'Rip Off' of human hand - Albuquerque Native American Cul

"Elementary" (CBS) can be seen each Thursday evening at 10/9 p.m. This a recap of the Thanksgiving episode on Nov. 27, 2014 called, "Rip Off." In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 5.96 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.1 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. "How to get away with murder" (ABC) grabbed 2.58 overall 0.6 with adults (Repeat.) "Football" (NBC) nabbed 15.03 overall 4.8 with adults (8-11 p.m.).CBS Television"Elementary" stars, Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes), Lucy Liu (Dr. Joan Watson), Aidan Quinn (Captain Thomas Gregson) Jon Michael Hill (Detective Marcus Bell)."Rip Off" opened with a woman walking along the sidewalk street. She discovers a human hand - what is proactol - floating in a puddle of water. Sherlock gives Kitty a contract to sign so she won't give up how he works as a consultant. Watson has traveled - capsiplex reviews - to Copenhagen with her boyfriend. Detective Bell talks with Sherlock Kitty about the possible murder of a man. Sherlock walks around the parking lot finds a dead man under a car with his hand missing.The dead male is a Jewish store owner named Moshi. He had bone cancer was undergoing treatment at the time of his death. He was bludgeoned to death before he was trapped under the car when his hand was completely ripped off. Sherlock Kitty find out that Moshi had no enemies. At least on the surface until Sherlock Kitty go to Moshi's workplace.A college student shows Sherlock Kitty the office of Moshi. They find that he recently bought a very expensive safe security system. They also found a book written in the Jewish language. Sherlock realizes that Moshi was a contact diamond smuggler in New York. His book has a schedule of shipments written in English he received those shipments after work hours.Sherlock reads the lips of a police officer who takes a silver briefcase from the department of sanitation. The officer found that briefcase in a dumpster. Kitty opens the case grabs a handful of diamonds. Moshi was robbed but the briefcase was dumped because the killer couldn't open it.How was Moshi killed? Was his hand ripped off by a human weight lifter? Who are the diamond smugglers? You can watch "Rip Off" over at CBS.