Cash Flows In For Flood-stricken Second Harvest Food Bank

Cedar Lane near the intersection of Parkway Drive is to remain closed through the end of the week, said Randy Kenner, Knoxville city spokesman. In Knox County, all roads remain open except Darby Road, said Jim Snowden, the county's assistant director of engineering and public works. Snowden said now that the water has receded, the department is checking the road's integrity and completing cosmetic work. "Things are settling down," he said. "The next few days will actually be a cleanup operation. We'll be cleaning up debris or checking for clogged ditches." The county has also taken the first steps to apply for federal disaster assistance.

TrustCo Bank Corp: Outstanding Free Cash Flow Covers High and Rising Dividend

With TrustCo performance above its peers, it is surprising that investors can achieve both a high yielding dividend, and an profitable enterprise basically having no enterprise value. TrustCo achieved the following ratios as of June 30, 2010 and 2009: Bank Risk 8.00% Great Balance Sheet: TrustCo has $5.52 of The Elevation Group cash per share after subtracting its debt. Meaning the remaining enterprise is worth only $.02 value per share. The bank earned $.09 cents a share in its second quarter ending June 2010 and for the first half of 2010 net income was $14.1 million. The cash flow from operations for the last three month was over $17 million dollars or $.22. per share.