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class="article-link" - First Car Ever Made - Hundreds of car companies ... thousands of models ... but have you ever wondered which was the first car that was ever made? In this Buzzle article, we will put forth the details of the invention of car. class="article-link"" readability="27 - 48 Cool Car Club Name Ideas - When people sharing common interests get together, that party is bound to be fun. And what better place can there be to socialize with other motor vehicle-enthusiasts like yourself, than at a car club? However, if you want to... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Who Invented the First Car Ever? - There is a lot of ambiguity on who invented the first car. Some claim that it was Flemish missionary Ferdinand Verbiest who made a toy car for a Chinese emperor, while others credit Karl Benz for making the first automobile. class="article-link" - Types of Cars - With so many car manufacturers in the market, each with a decent number of models to offer, it is not surprising that we are spoiled for choice. In such circumstances, the basic knowledge about the different types of cars can help... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Will Driverless Cars Change the Future of Driving? - Like many of today's inventions, driverless cars too were considered to be a topic of science fiction for a very long time. However, now it is no longer a question of whether these cars will be the future of road driving, but how... class="article-link"" readability="27 - World's Fastest Production Cars - This following Buzzle article will give you a list of the world's fastest production cars. Gear up for the uber-speedy cars that are speeding away. class="article-link" - Top 10 Cars - This Buzzle article includes a list of top 10 cars which have proved their mettle across various categories of testing. Here are the best top 10 cars this year. class="article-link"" readability="27 - 11 Popular Classic Muscle Cars with Pictures - To a random person, a muscle car might be simply a huge, two-door, high-performance car; but it means much more to a person who's passionate about cars. American muscles are beasts, monsters who roar like no other car, and are very... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Famous French Car Company Logos - The French automobile manufacturers do it all. Be it elegant designs or utilization of modern technology. Buzzle maneuvers you through a list of most famous French car companies and their logos. Restez assis, profitez du paysage... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Essential Tips to - - Properly Stance a Car - Be it for the attention that the car grabs or to enhance its performance, lowering the car has been done by drivers and car lovers across the globe since a long time. However, poor lowering not only hampers the look of your car,... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Top 10 Apps for Car Lovers - Using your smartphone to get the latest details about your favorite car was never so easy. Welcome to the world of car apps, that will keep you updated with information about four-wheeled beauties. class="article-link" - Fastest Car in the World - Need for speed? The following article on fastest car in the world will cover some information related to the various speed busters on road today... class="article-link" - New Technology in Cars - Since the inception of cars in the market till today, car technology is advancing at a fast pace. Let's take a look at the new technology in cars, which you will find interesting to learn. class="article-link" - Toyota Recall List - The Toyota recall list for 2010, released by Toyota in January 2010, had once again been a factor to reduce Toyota's popularity. Nevertheless, this world-class brand and major automobile giant had undertaken valiant efforts to get... class="article-link"" readability="27 - How to Build a Dune Buggy - An off-road magnum opus, a designer's virtuoso, a dune buggy roves like a dream. Ask a buggy enthusiast, and he would narrate how fascinating a buggy ride can be. Well, for one there are no superlatives in this regard. class="article-link" - Best Family Car 2012 - The cars presented in the article are suited for family needs. These vehicles are spacious, fuel efficient and have all the desired features of a family car. Some of the best family cars from well-known brands described below are... class="article-link" - Safest Sedans 2012 - Few other cars match up to the comfort and relative safety of a sedan. With the focus now shifting to providing better safety for the customer, here's a quick look at some of the safest sedans out in the market this year. class="article-link" - Best Sedan 2012 - Sedans are a very popular class of cars and enjoys healthy sales in the US. Here is a list of the top sedans of 2012 to help you buy one. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Most Reliable Cars of 2012 - Reliability of a car relates to its cost of maintenance, fuel economy and durability for a long term. Find out which cars can be your trusted companion for a long time coming. class="article-link" - Small Cars 2012 - People usually refrain from buying small or compact cars because they think that it is not worth their money. Check again, here are some of the best small cars for this season and they are worth every cent spent. class="article-link" - New Cars for 2012 - Every year, car manufacturers bring new models or redesign their older models in order to be the best in the market. Just like last year, many new models will be launched in 2012. Here is an overview of what is happening in the... class="article-link" - Best Cars for Teenagers - If you are wondering what are the best cars for teenagers that the market has to offer, then read this article to find out some of the best rides, that are not only safe, but will probably meet the need for stylish looks...,... class="article-link" - Safest Cars - Looking for the options in safest cars to give safety to your family while they are traveling? Well there are many of them in the market, you just have to know which ones offer safety, service and performance.
class="article-link"" readability="27 - How Flying Cars Will Work - Recently the rumors of Terrafugia releasing its first Personal Air Vehicle (also known as Roadable Aircraft), Transition and of Moller's test flight (and drive!) of Skycar in 2012 have been making the rounds and with it, the... class="article-link"" readability="27 - 10 Best Cars for New Drivers - New drivers all over have different reactions about sitting behind the wheel for the first time. But the first thing they show is concern. Same goes for anyone who's buying their first car ever. If you're a parent in doubt or a... class="article-link" - Rear Wheel Drive Cars - There are many benefits of rear wheel drive (RWD) cars and the number of people who prefer these vehicles is constantly rising... class="article-link" - CO2 Dragster - Small model cars that are used for racing and to teach mechanical principles are known as CO2 dragsters. In this article, we introduce you to these models of automobiles. class="article-link" - Cheap Muscle Cars - Cheap muscle cars are largely used for street and drag racing. This article focuses on some of the best muscle cars... class="article-link" - Car Towing - Before thinking about car towing, see if it's convenient to avail the services of car towing agencies. Read on to get to know more about car towing. class="article-link" - How Does a Car Work - Very few people really care to know about how a car works, as long as it does what it's supposed to and takes them where they want to go. If you are one of the few who are curious about the working of this technological wonder, you... class="article-link" - Power Car Antenna - For a youngster who is used to small and compact products built with advanced technology, it is difficult to digest the fact that the first car radio antenna was 45 inches in length. To know more about power car antennas, read the... class="article-link" - Car Top Luggage Carriers - One can choose from the many different types of car top luggage carriers available in the market, whether it is luggage boxes, bags, or any other type. The one that best suits the needs of the car owner should be chosen. class="article-link" - Vintage Car Buying Guide - Almost every person has fantasized about owning a vintage vehicle at some point or the other in his life. However, as they are steeply priced, buyers often require financial assistance while purchasing their dream car. class="article-link" - History of Cars - The automobile has probably been subject to maximum changes than any other human invention, ever. Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfullySince the invention of the wheel to the sleek and noiseless designs of today, the industry has come a long way. class="article-link" - The Volkswagen Beetle - The car which the Fuhrer wanted, a five-passenger vehicle that could travel 62 miles/hr, and was affordable for the general public. - -