Car Rental Grand Livina in Ngawi

Car Rental Grand Livina Ngawi searched for those of you who need a vehicle for hire. These rentals usually provide many kinds of cars ranging from MPV, Hatchback, SUV, and others. Well, this time to be discussed is the output MPV Nissan car the Nissan Grand Livina. This car is quite widely used by Indonesian people because MPV cars is usually much preferred Indonesian people because it can accommodate the number of passengers that a lot. Want to know how the specifications of this MPV car? Please see the following reviews.
Car Rental Grand Livina Ngawi Offer Fuel Efficient Engines
Nissan flagship car has HR15DE engine with engine technology doch with Twin Dual Injector and VCT. Engine cylinder capacity of Nissan's car is 1500 cc 4-cylinder 16-valve configuration. The machine can produce a maximum power of 109 PS. As with other automotive company, Nissan also has technology that makes the combustion engine and the maximum impact on fuel consumption. Apparently, the incorporation of machine doch and Twin Dual Injector and VCT are embedded in Nissan can make fuel consumption of cars is becoming more efficient MPV.
For those of you who want to Rental Car Grand Livina Ngawi, usually often pay attention to the fuel consumption of a car hired. For the fuel consumed by cars is arguably very sparingly for car size MPV. Grand Livina can cover 13-17 KM with one liter of gasoline. Not really saving?
Car Rental Grand Livina Ngawi with Interior Size
For those of you who want to Rental Car Grand Livina Ngawi with a spacious cabin, the car can be one of your choice. Of dimensions long enough, it can be seen that the mainstay of Nissan's car has a spacious cabin. The design of the driver's seat and the passenger seat is made more comfortable with a large size. Well, this makes the passengers became more comfortable, especially on long journeys. Not only the passengers are made comfortable, the driver also feel the ease of the car through the steering wheel. On this car, leather-covered steering wheel is smooth and comfortable to grip. Panel buttons to activate the features in the car is more easily achieved among audio settings, climate change, and so forth.
The exterior of the Nissan Grand Livina
This car has a design firm. With a choice of colors which is quite interesting, this car has frame grille with logo Nissan trim. Nissan Grand Livina features a spoiler in the form of a length which follows the car body and is enhanced by the presence of one sharp lines coated with chrome. For the lighting alone, Livina had a large head lamp with a shape narrowed and using the halogen lamp. This feature is perfect for illuminating the road at night while driving because it has a wide range of lighting. To facilitate the drive when the weather is bad then Livina dedicate special fog lamp.
Differences Grand Livina, Grand Livina X-Gear
In addition to the Grand Livina, this car also pick the brother of the Grand Livina X-Gear at Car Rental X-Gear in Ngawi. Well, what is the difference of these two cars? Grand Livina X-Gear into the class hatchback with SUV appearance is quite striking. That is in terms of transporting passengers, the Grand Livina more. If the Grand Livina can carry up to 8 passengers, while the Grand Livina X-Gear can only accommodate 5 passengers only. These cars offer a series of differences that are quite prominent than in the previous series. Among them are pinned rear bumper, the SRS airbag on the driver's seat, the break assists of BA in order to increase the braking force, strenght roofrail capable of sustaining up to 25 kg, foglamp more sophisticated, over-fenders and body side molding. Car Grand Livina X-Gear is associated to an adventurous spirit, while the Grand Livina tend to the family car. In the engine, both have the same platform that is HR15DE with a capacity of 1500 cc. With these machines of course you will be taken to speed very agile even in all conditions and terrain. The use of technology CVTC or fuller ie Continuous variable valve timing control and as well as the use of technology ECCS or electronic concentrate engine control system is very able to bring the car Nissan Grand Livina X-Gear to be so powerful and at the same time very economical for the consumption of fuel and this is a positive side when your car rental Grand Livina Ngawi.
Nissan's output of cars is famous with strong strength. A strong competitor in the engine of this car is Mitsubishi. Well, according to information on the Grand Livina may be useful for those of you who want to Rental Car Grand Livina in Ngawi.