Car Rental Evalia in Ngawi

If you want to use the medium MPV car with spacious cabin, car rental Evalia Ngawi  is the answer. Nissan Evalia offers spacious cabin, as well as upscale features to meet the needs and comfort for user. Cars made by Nissan is using the machine Nissan Juke, but has the luxury owned by Niisan Serena. In the automotive market, competitors of the Nissan Evalia this one is Daihatsu Luxio. Well, want to know anything just offered by Nissan Evalia? see review below.
Ngawi Evalia Car Rental Offer Machine Front-Mounted
Nissan Evalia equipped with HR15DE engine capacity of 1498 cc. Machines used by Nissan Evalia in an engine types inline 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve, Dual CVTC is capable of generating a maximum power of 109 PS at 5,600 rpm rotation and maximum torque of 143 Nm at 4:00 rotation rpm. Besides Nissan Evalia engine has also been designed by the manufacturer to the placement machine designed Front-mounted engine that is proven to maximize engine performance and facilitate regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is always carried out by the car rental Evalia Ngawi. Machines used in the Nissan Evalia is also similar to that used by car Hatchback Nissan output the Nissan Juke.
Ngawi Evalia Car Rental and Luxury Interior
For those who want a car rental Evalia Ngawi and in need of ride comfort. Dashboard, Door Trim and materials beige plush seats like the Nissan Grand Livina. For type Highway Star XV is equipped with a material even leather on the seats. In the cabin the steering wheel, dashboard panel Nissan Evalia arranged so neatly where the main cluster in front of the steering wheel rim is filled by the indicator speedometer. At a certain type, Nissan Evalia equipped with cam parking, parking camera alias feature when the transmission is moved to R. Nah, this helps the driver to park successfully. Meanwhile, persnelling lever is placed in the center of the dashboard that will make the driver can drive the vehicle easily.
At the center of the dashboard itself is occupied by the LCD monitor, the audio button and control buttons AC. Front passenger cabins also have Nissan Evalia any arrangement that presents a high level of comfort through soft upholstery with leather fabric quality. In the passenger seat is available arm rest can be folded. Arm rest makes you more comfortable and more relaxed when driving. In addition to the use of new colors, Nissan Evalia now also pay more attention to detailing in the storage area that had been opened into closed, for example, on the left side of the dashboard storage both the top and bottom is now equipped with a cover though its design is very simple. Doorway of the car using a sliding door or a sliding door, so it's easy access in and out of the passenger.
Exterior Nissan Evalia
For the exterior, Nissa Evalia seem more modern with a longer snout seem like Car Rental Serena in Ngawi. It also gives the impression of aerodynamics. Part dynamic headlamp designed hexagonal body go with the flow line to the back, and then combined with the design of the front grille shaped 'V shape' curved downward. Fog lamps at the lower end of the right and left by a dark-colored cover. The curve of the side body of the Nissan Evalia looks smooth, combined with the flat side glass design. Dimensions of Nissan Evalia is 4400 x 1695 x 1850 mm with 175 mm ground clearance. From the dimensions are large relative to the size MPV and make the car more stable to carry pave the street.
Fuel consumption Nissan Evalia
Usually consumers are renting a car also noticed the fuel consumption of the vehicle. For Nissan Evalia course you do not have to worry about the bag will be perforated. This car per liter can cover up to 16.7 km uncommon for use outside the city and 11.5 km in the city. Sure enough saving in the medium MPV class. Well, you make sure the completeness and condition of the car before you pave. Well, according to a review of the Nissan Evalia, may be able to provide information for those of you who want to rent a car Evalia in Ngawi.