Car Rental Ertiga in Ngawi

You are looking for car rental services Ertiga Ngawi? If yes, then you do not need to worry because now you will easily find it. Many enthusiasts car rental services would bring new phenomenon is the increasing number of car rental which claim to be able to meet all the needs. Well, one of the best cars you can rent in car rental services are Suzuki Ertiga. All New Suzuki Ertiga claimed as one of the best cars that can be relied upon for your trip.
Best Car Rental Ertiga to Travel Ngawi
Ngawi Ertiga car rental service is the best place you can count on when you're in need of a car Suzuki Ertiga. Keep carries the same design, Suzuki just do a little at New Ertiga changes in the front grille, fog lamp and headlight. Although reforming fairly minimalist, but this car look more stylish and fresh. With the application of technology that are also no less advanced course, the support of this car's specifications. This engine is touted hardiness time through a variety of terrain and against the use of fuel efficient. There are also security features yagn will certainly support you along the way.
Car rental Ertiga Ngawi: Best Exterior and Interior Specifications
Discussing the exterior was Suzuki Ertiga is still carrying the body design like the old generation. However, there is a new twist that makes this car look more stylish. With dimensions of 4,265 x 1,695 x 1,685 mm makes this car formidable and reliable more wide than Swift on Car Rental Swift in Ngawi. With a size that is not too large, making this car can easily be controlled. Reviewing the terms front grill minimalist look with three levels of chrome plated. Not forgetting also foglamp Suzuki Ertiga uses a simple reflector with black bezel that makes it look elegant. To add a stylish impression, on the flanks are New Electric Foldable Outside Mirror. Continues into the interior, the car is actually keeping the concept of interior similar to the old version, but there is little change. Do parts of the wheel is still the dominant black with the same material. However, Suzuki put on a fresh concept in the dashboard with soft colors. The interior looks more luxurious with the New Pattern Fabric in their respective seats. Then, the color change is also visible on the handbrake and gear lever carpet. For the latest generation of Ertiga is somewhat broader. Audio is also designed with the latest panel. Additions were made to this car is the Suzuki Accessories Socket in the rear console box line 2 which can be used to charge your gadgets.
Sophisticated performance Ertiga 2015
Not only equipped with the concept of interior and exterior luxury, but Suzuki Ertiga also has a sophisticated kitchen runway. The latest low MPV vehicles rely K14B engine DOHC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine capacity of 1,400 cc. Engine types Variable Valve Timing (VVT) that is used is also supported by the Multi Point Injection (MPI) and the Metal and Drive Timing Chain Wire Technology. Although the pull-powered engine, but the car is still smooth when driving. In addition, it also can drive a car with a stable and economical in fuel consumption. This engine is capable of generating a maximum power of 92 PS at 6,000 rpm engine speed with a torque of 130 Nm at 4,000 rpm engine speed. To make the car move responsive, the car is supported by a front wheel drive.
Comfort and Safety Features Complete
As low MPV car, this car is suitable for traveling along with her beloved family. Well, you can simply rent them at the car rental service Ertiga Ngawi. With the support of comfort and safety features certainly make this car very unreliable. This car is equipped with features like ABS plus EBD brakes. For the audio system, the car is equipped with Double DIN audio system. Meanwhile, to provide freshness in the car there is AC Double Blower. There are also New pizzeria Censore with advanced technology that allows the driver while parked vehicle. There are also features Auto Up Window in the driver's cab. For security, Suzuki equip this car with Dual Airbags can protect passengers and the driver while driving. Not to forget also features Side Impact Beam.
Well, Suzuki Ertiga this is the answer for those of you who are looking for a vehicle for a vacation with the family. With the best features it will provide comfort and safety while driving. So you do not need to hesitate anymore to rent a car at the rental. You can directly contact the nearest car rental and car rental Ertiga in Ngawi to accompany your journey with your beloved family.