Car Rental APV Ngawi

You want a car that cabin width to around Ngawi? You can select a car rental APV Ngawi. One car MPV which has a relatively large cabin is Suzuki APV Arena. This car was the first to introduce the term APV (All Purpose Vehicle) in Indonesia. Many say this is actually APV into the MPV class. It's just that usually the difference lies in the laying of a car engine. When the engine MPV is generally placed in the front of the vehicle, while APV under the car. However, many are calling this APV went into kind of a microbus. Well, this article will discuss about this car.
Ngawi APV Car Rental Offers Reliable machine
It helps you know the specifications of the car before you rent a car APV Ngawi. For cars Suzuki APV Arena is equipped with engine G15A which has a 4-cylinder, 16 valve with a capacity of 1.5 liters and has a compression ratio of the combustion 9.5: 1 can produce maximum power reached 105 Ps at rpm 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 126 Nm at rpm to 3,000 rpm , This car is also equipped with a fuel supply system. Multipoint Injection will supply fuel to the combustion chamber and stable to provide optimum performance and efficient fuel consumption. The engine of the car is strong enough either to be carried around the city, or if it should pass through heavy fields such as road uphill.
APV Car Rental with exterior Macho Ngawi
Exterior sometimes be one of the considerations for someone to rent a car APV Ngawi. This car has dimensions of 4,225 x 1,655 x 1,885 mm seem like Car Rental. On the front fascia, the car has a radiator grill is large enough to have the chrome accents on the top and bottom as well as combined with headlights that blend with the grill Suzuki APV Arena makes it look stylish and charming. Furthermore, the rear lights of the car to show the impression macho with rear spoiler and light berukurang being large enough. Bumpers on the car is also sturdy, and reinforces the impression macho at the rear of the car. By having the front bumper fog lamp which has lights on each side also give an elegant impression. On the side of the car is also visible in the rearview mirror turn signal looks stylish with a bulge on the bottom line.
Interior Suzuki APV Arena
The car began to be marketed in Indonesia in 2004. There are several types of these cars GL, GX, SGX, and type the most complete feature set that APV Luxury (SGX +). At trim GL and GX, the second type capable of carrying passengers up to 8 adults, while for trim SGX and SGX + is designed to carry seven adult passengers with the use of seat-type Captain Seat on the second row so that comfort is increasing because passengers back row can exit entry freely without having to fold the second row seats first. Car seat also feels soft. In addition, the passenger seat also feels spacious because car was quite long and too high, thus making the passengers feel freer when you decide rental APV Ngawi.
This car is equipped with an ac double blower and audio entertainment features which can eliminate saturation throughout your trip. Suzuki APV also provides storage of small items. While for large items can be placed in the rear trunk big enough.
On this car, air filter position is quite high, 1.01 meters, or as high as the top of the headlights. With the engine ignition system that uses DLI (Distributorless Ignition) watertight. Thus, although the machine APV Arena is located in the center, right under the front passenger seat. In terms of security is also a concern, APV Arena has been equipped with side impact beams in each door to keep passengers. Thanks to the body that is designed to use TECT (Total Effective Body Control), APV Arena combines proven tough ladder chassis with a body design that enhances the safety factor during impact.
APV Car Rental Tips
Well, before you decide to rent this car, you need to know how the fuel consumption of the car. Fuel consumption is usually often a consideration for tenants. For cars Suzuki APV is the fuel consumption is 10-12 KM / liter. Ordinary arguably relatively frugal MPV class. Before you hire make sure you've checked the completeness of the car. Well, do not hesitate to rent MPV Ngawi to your needs.