To all who commented on how good my cane looked at the last meeting - thank you, but it really should go to my wife.  She has much better fashion sense than I do - and more sense period.  I was dipping and weaving without one - and resisting the idea of having to admit I needed to use one.   I have gotten some questions about why am I using a cane - is it my back, is it my knee - and depending on the person - I find I react differently.  Some I feel are really interested given their knowledge of my background in the Martial Arts as to why a cane - others, I get the feeling they're being a little nosey.  Sometimes I will discuss it - sometimes I'll tell them it is a personal issue, and sometimes if they continue asking - I just stare them down silently.  Is that wrong? But more to the question - she found it at Griffin Home Health Care on Monroe Road.