Can't Quit Smoking? Try Vaping

e-Cigarettes, Vaping: Worse than Smoking Due to Cancer-Causing Components Found in Brands

The inhaler was battery-operated, and you could recharge it in your computer's USB port. Also, you could buy different flavored nicotine, screw-in tips that came in flavors like coconut and vanilla. Sold! I gave it to my wife for Christmas, and at first she eschewed it (if I may use that word). But little by little, she began sucking down on those e-cigarettes with more and more frequency. She completely gave up buying real cigarettes and is now addicted to sucking down on e-cigarettes. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

E-cigarettes to be regulated as medicines

Public health charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is cautiously optimistic, concluding in its January 2013 briefing (PDF, 447kb) that there is little evidence of harmful effects from repeated exposure to propylene glycol, the chemical in which nicotine is suspended. E-cigarettesare banned by other countries and by some UK schools concerned about their influence on adolescents (see What are the other concerns? ). What do e-cigarettes contain, and how do they work? Most e-cigarettes contain a battery, an atomiser and a replaceable cartridge. The cartridge contains nicotine in a solution of either propylene glycol or glycerine and water, and sometimes also flavourings. When you suck on the device, a sensor detects the air flow and starts a process to heat the liquid inside the cartridge, so it evaporates to form water vapour. Inhaling this vapour delivers a hit of nicotine straight to your lungs. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

"The e-cigarette is not an ordinary product. We need to apply the same measures as there are for tobacco. That means making sure it cannot be smoked in public places, that its sale is restricted to over 18 years old and that firms are not allowed to advertise the products," according to the minister, quoted by The Local France daily. The said electronic devices have been found with nicotine in May 2011 and the French health agency AFSSAPS advised residents to avoid such products which may cause damaging side effects on long-term usage. "These electronic cigarettes could also lead children to start smoking and the best way to give up the habit is to patch which releases nicotine gently and will reduce the addiction," Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg told Europe1. U.S. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit