can my child learn three languages?

A huge yes! Trilingual is definitely a great asset. I am bilingual, not fluent sufficient in English however. Plus, I have always wished to discover German... Learning a foreign language assists you talk with ppl, but most importantly, it assists you to recognize the culture behind. Individuals who have mastered multi-languages say that it opens up so numerous doors for them. They locate themselves capable to think in distinct ways and beneath distinct culture method, which is remarkable! Yes, it will enrich your baby's life! =D I - - know an American born Chinese girl. Her dad - baby toy - and mom speak Mandarin with her at house and she is now proficient in the two Mandarin and English. I also met this Malaysian lady who can communicate 5 languages, unbelievable! It is accurate that infants can learn 2 or much more languages at the exact same time, (oh yes, from what i heard, infants will not get confused, they will in fact recognize the two languages). What is much more, kids discover a foreign language most rapidly when they are under age 6. The younger, the greater. I want i had the possibility to find out three languages when i was baby! LOL. Anyway, great luck! =D href='' - -