can i plant my flower seeds with a wet papertowel?

If the root of the now germinated seed is not locked into the paper towel you can just pick it up gently and replant it in moist soil. If the seeds roots are locked into the paper towel you can plant the whole paper towel or tear or cut off just the bit with the seed and plant that. Keep the new soil slightly moist but not drowned for the first week or two to give your plant time to adjust to being in soil. If you just have one or two seeds they may die. If you started a number of seeds you should have no problem getting at least some of them to grow in soil. The pot should have some holes for drainage so the roots don't die from to much water. Find a saucer or plastic lid to put under it so the excess water doesn't stain or ruin whatever your pot is sitting on. href='' - -