Can Food Preservatives Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

You may experience mild symptoms, whereas other individuals with IBS can experience debilitating pain. Causes indicates that the exact cause of IBS is unknown. In a healthy colon, the walls of the large intestine are lined with muscles that relax and contract to move foods from your stomach through your intestines and on to your rectum. In individuals with IBS, contractions of the intestinal walls may last longer, causing the symptoms of IBS. also indicates individuals with abnormalities of the nervous system and colon are more likely to experience IBS. Food Triggers For some individuals with IBS, food may trigger symptoms of this condition. Foods packed with preservatives are most likely to cause gas, bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea in individuals with IBS. For this reason, stick with fresh foods and foods with natural ingredients. Packed foods -- including chips, cookies and biscuits -- along with alcohol, coffee and carbonated ingredients, tend to enhance the symptoms of IBS. When planning a diet with IBS, avoid foods that contain high amounts of fat and oil. They can irritate the digestive tract. Other Triggers If you are under a lot of stress and have a diagnosis of IBS, your signs and symptoms may tend to be worse. Stress cannot cause IBS, but it can make life with IBS more difficult. Illnesses of the stomach -- such as the flu or gastroenteritis -- can trigger IBS and make your symptoms worse. read review