Can Brands Pull Off Snapchatting Successfully?

Cineplex Digital Media, Oxford Properties Announce First-Ever Place-Based Digital Ecosystem | FinancialContent Business Page

Taco Bell was the first brand to use Snapchats stories feature through which it released a series of eight photos and videos. With Snapchat Stories feature brands can merge multiple snaps to create a story that remains visible for 24 hours. Ways brands can use Snapchat Though there are not many a brands doing much on Snapchat, but a selected few are taking this app by storm and using it in their digital strategy to reach the masses. What needs to be kept track of is impressions, awareness and demographics. Snapchat, like most of the social media platforms, is based on relationship building. While Snapchat is still trying to add more features and monetise this platform, brands have an immense opportunity to establish themselves as ahead of the game and reach their demographics. In order to do a Snapchat campaign, brands just need a creative strategy as it is both cost effective and easy to implement.

From the moment the shopper enters the shopping centre, the system will provide valuable information about Oxford's properties, programs, and merchants, as well entertaining and relevant lifestyle content, and opportunities to engage through interactive media and in-mall activations. "Place-based digital ecosystems are the next evolution of digital interaction with customers," said Fab Stanghieri, General Manager, Cineplex Digital Media. "The system provides audiences a seamless, integrated experience and enables venues and brands to leverage the power of multi-channel marketing and advertising platforms to engage consumers and drive retail traffic. Cineplex is proud to partner with Oxford in developing this world-leading customer experience." The digital ecosystem extends the retail experience outside store walls, bridging the growing divide between passive digital advertising and consumers' ever-increasing expectation for information and inspiration when, where and how they want to receive it.