Call For Restrictions On Sale Of Electronic Cigarettes To Children

I will be seeking a meeting with the Scottish government minister for public health to see if anything can be done in Scotland to close this loophole in the sale of these products, but clearly there is also blu rechargeable cigarettes reviews need for action at Westminster." Electronic cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016 under new regulations to be introduced by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency, the body which regulates medicines in the UK. Concerns have been raised over the lack of regulation of e-cigarettes The UK currently has few restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes, despite moves in some countries to ban them. Mr Maxwell added: "Scotland currently does not have the power to restrict the advertising of these products, something that is vital if this issue is to be tackled properly. Leading Needs to Get V2 Cigs Coupon Code 2013., LEARN MORE AT:

Holy Smokes: E-Cigarette Ads Debut on TV

26, 2013 7:00 p.m. ET The electronic-cigarette industry has big television advertising plans for 2014if they're not snuffed out first. The Food and Drug Administration is expected as early as January to propose curbs on the battery-powered devices amid calls from politicians and anti-tobacco groups to regulate them like traditional smokes, which haven't been allowed... Where Can You Find V2 Cigs Coupon Codes Online?, LEARN MORE AT:

Electronic cigarettes expected to grow in 2014

Think again! E-cigarettes are not a quit smoking device and are sold as this in the market place. Surprisingly, studies show in 2014 the use of electronic cigarettes is expected to grow significantly as an alternative and viable option to regular cigarettes. V2 Cigs Discount coupon Code 30-Purchase the Best E-Cigs at Chaepest Fees., LEARN MORE AT: