California High School To Keep arab Mascot Name

"The whole system is really whacked out right now and needs a fix," said Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills). "Every time you peel off a layer of this EDD, there's an additional problem waiting to be tackled." Hagman is vice chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee, which last week held an oversight hearing into site web the EDD's operations. California has been wrestling with its unemployment insurance debt for almost five years, and now it projects that the debt won't be repaid for at least a decade. That's unless Gov. Jerry Brown 's administration and the Legislature come up with a new way to pay for the employer-financed program. At least three stabs at finding such a solution have failed since 2004, with the last attempt failing this year. "We can't keep putting our heads in the sand," official website said Angie Wei, a lobbyist for the California Labor Federation. Read more:,0,627791.story

"We're in line for a bit more of a downdraft, but that's not atypical for this time of year," said Denton Cinquegrana, West Coast analyst for "Demand's always weak around now." Even in the best of times, California typically has some of the country's highest gas prices. In part, that's because California has the country's highest gasoline taxes. Drivers here currently pay about 72 cents per gallon when local, state and federal taxes are combined. At the other end of the spectrum, Alaska drivers pay about 31 cents per gallon in taxes, the lowest gas-tax burden of any state. In addition, California uses its own unique fuel blends designed to fight air pollution. No other state uses quite the same blends. Read more:

"I couldn't stop shaking," he admitted. Despite the jitters, Cuevas poked through a 26-yard field goal with 3.6 seconds left to lift the Pintos to a 26-24 win over McCluer South-Berkeley in a Class 3 quarterfinal contest in Ferguson. California (12-1) won its seventh in a row and will face defending champion Maryville (13-0) in a semifinal at 1:30 p.m. Nov. 23. McCluer South (10-2), which carried an eight-game winning streak into the contest, battled back from a 16-0 deficit to carry a one-point lead into the final seconds. "Our guys were aggressive and valiant," McCluer South coach Howard Brown said. Read more:

The tax provision currently allows some homeownersmostly those facing foreclosureto avoid paying taxes on certain relief that they receive on their mortgages. The IRS considers debt forgiveness to be a form of taxable income. That means homeowners who sell their homes for less than the amount they owe in a short sale could face a tax bill. In 2007, as the foreclosure crisis spread, Congress exempted some homeowners from counting certain kinds of forgiven mortgage debt as taxable income in order to encourage banks and borrowers to seek foreclosure alternatives. Congress retroactively extended the provision earlier this year, after it expired on Dec. 31, 2012. The provision is set to expire this coming Dec. Read more:

Ads bring in three-quarters of Yahoos revenue , according to the complaint. With more than 275 million customers globally, Yahoo mail is one of the largest web-based e-mail services, the plaintiff said. The case, which also seeks status as a class-action suit, is Pincus v. Yahoo! Inc., 13-cv-05326, U.S. Read more:

1 asking them to change the name and the accompanying caricature of an arab man, which the committee felt was a gross stereotype. SAM MIRCOVICH/REUTERS A sign features the school mascot at Coachella Valley High School in Thermal, California Friday. ADC strongly believes that use of the word and such imagery perpetuates demeaning stereotypes of Arabs and Arab Americans," wrote Abed Ayoub, legal and policy director for the committee. "The 'Arab' mascot image is a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping which should be eliminated. By allowing continued use of the term and view site... imagery, you are commending and enforcing the negative stereotypes of an entire ethnic group, millions of whom are citizens of this nation." Ayoub, did not return see page an email seeking comment Saturday, but told the News earlier this month they would be open to working with the district on a change. Read more:

Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP Prison workers fill in graves Friday where the skeletal remains of the missing McStay family were discovered. He said he had complained to the department's internal affairs division about the investigation in 2011 and hadn't heard from detectives since then. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's office now heads the investigation, with assistance from San Diego and the FBI. HANDOUT/REUTERS Joseph McStay disappeared with his San Diego County family more than three years ago. Authorities announced Friday his remains had been discovered near the desert town of Victorville, along with his wifes body and two skeletal remains believed to be those of his young sons. Read more: