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Soon after, Garcia rented an office in the rural Northern California college town of Chico, hired a secretary, hung his law degree on the wall, dressed in natty suits appropriate for an attorney, and began airing commercials on Spanish-language television and radio. He also works as a motivational speaker, garnering modest fees to give talks about his experience growing up in the U.S. and Mexico -- and of achieving his dream to practice law. "I would do it again," Garcia said. To read more:

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She tries to get in about five miles of cardio every day, as well as upper and lower body weight exercises. She has recently discovered a passion for weightlifting and bench pressing. I am very proud of my muscles, she said. I stare at them all the time. Durrants boyfriend, Joe Goshen, has been her biggest cheerleader. To read more:

"I am very proud of my muscles," she said. "I stare at them all the time." Durrant's boyfriend, Joe Goshen, has been her biggest cheerleader. He said she's always been beautiful, but she "now has a million different smiles, each one more beautiful than the last." She weighs 213 pounds and is down to a size 12. Her ultimate goal is to weigh "150 pounds of muscle." Although Durrant has changed most dramatically on the outside, she likes to acknowledge the internal changes as well. To read more:

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