Calf Massage to lean legs

Certain steps:

The first phase:
Push gently and relax muscles, this can encourages circulation. Path from the ankle to the coronary heart massage, use a little power, will free muscle mass stiffness in the rub, so that the physique circulation turns into easy, so long as the elimination of edema, leg will appear far more slender!
1, 1st start out from small calf central , drive the rear heart position, thrust all of the way up to the knee within.
2, with the proper hand gripping remaining leg tibia on both sides, in the ankle and gradually drive up.
three, together the aspect with the bone, once you urgent the aspect pushed up until to the knees .
four, push having a finger inside of tendon despair, sustain up pulling pressed state.
five, in conjunction with the strains with the muscles, press all the strategy to the bottom with the inside with the knee, extra motion ought to be 5-8 occasions forwards and backwards.

The 2nd phase:
Stage Two:
therapeutic massage rear thigh to encourage circulation, avoid excess fat accumulation. Quick to build up body fat, not easy to reduce down the thighs, be sure you definitely therapeutic massage with fingertips, fingernails lengthy folks can use your finger to the 2nd joint to limited leg.
one, in the knees up behind therapeutic massage, as a result of the need to promote the tissue at depth, to a bit harder that.
2, along the strains in the solution to push up the rear, until you push the underside up to the hips, facet to therapeutic massage oh.
three, press along with your fingers above the knee twist extra fat, sitting down leg muscles might be comfortable, relatively quick to therapeutic massage.