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One big. If the theme of your wedding suits, pick short, fun, and flirty cocktail-like dresses. - cocktail dresses sammydress - Compromise and be considerate when selecting the dresses, and you are sure to have beautiful and happy bridesmaids.Another wear-worthy trend according to Heine is choosing taffeta instead of the traditional silk bridesmaid dress. The fabric offers a different look and is very versatile.Choose a designer, a length, and a fabric, and let them choose the rest. One tall. The colors they have are really strong and good," Bliss Boutique owner Tracy Heine commented. Of course, you will have the final say, but bottom line you want them to feel beautiful and confident in every photo they pose for, and every look they get.And how many times is this actually done?The trend is going towards something the girls can and will want to wear again. Their dresses have more of a cocktail dress style and flare to them, unlike some other bridesmaid dresses.One tan. Look for dresses with detachable sashes, bows, flowers, broaches, or other embellishments to fit your wedding, but that can also fit their night-life style when detached.If some of the girls are tan and some are pale, pick a range of colors from which the girls can choose from. Reserve the bolder colors for the paler complexions, and the lighter colors for the girls with darker complexions.How many times have you heard, "You can cut it [the bridesmaid dress] short and wear it again after the wedding?"Option 2: Consider re-wear-ability factorsOption 1: CompromiseFor the formal wedding, you can still go long without the dress being dreadful. Love By Enzoani has a great selection of lengths and styles that not only you, but your bridesmaids will love. These girls obviously mean a lot to you, so show them that by letting them show off their good side and choosing something they can and will wear again and again.Yeah, pretty much never.. Let's face it we don't all have the same body type, and not every style looks good on everyone. "They are really cute...they have cute cuts and are really well made. One small. Consider this when considering your bridesmaid dresses