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Chinese New Year No Guarantee For Galloping Gold Price

Also I deposit the money before hand, like before the first call even I put it into their bank account. If I go to a physical store, it costs much more, the mark up is much more. If I go to a physical store, will using credit card or debit card be haram? Or is that "on spot?" I really do not see how this is in anyway Riba though, like if I pay for it online, do we even know if that hadith is authentic? I mean their must be a reason, someone said it is because that is Riba, I really do not see how it is Riba to buy online, and such.

$153,000 found in airport search See also Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? $153,000 found in airport searchWikimedia Commons, Photo File Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? The suspect, 33-year-old Conor Guckian, was stopped by police at the Nashville International Airport this week who found he was carrying thousands of dollars in likely illegal cash. An update on this news story reveals that Guckian claims he was flying out to California in the hopes of buying gold, and that drugs may have been involved in the acquisition of the money. shares the latest information on this unexpected search and seizure this Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. The suspect arrested with $153,000 alleged that he was simply bringing a lot of cash via a private flight to California in order to buy gold, but authorities believe there was more to his story than Conor Guckian was letting on.

Arrested with $153,000: Suspect buying gold? $153,000 found in airport search

(Wikipedia) What should gold investors expect from the Chinese New Year at the end of this month? First, expect lots of press coverage of housewives buying gold hand over fist to mark the start of the year of the horse. Expect to learn that China is (drum-roll please) the worlds No.1 consumer, but not why (thank the 2013 collapse of Indian imports due to government rules). The lunar New Year marks an auspicious time to buy gold, youll be told. It also marks a retail frenzy, pictures from Shanghai and Shenzen shopping malls will show. If all of this mattered, the move in world gold prices would come now, not at the end of January when the Lunar New Year begins. And right on cue, wholesale demand from stockists does indeed seem to be putting a firm bid for gold so far this year around $1250 per ounce. Premiums for gold delivered in China are also firm (albeit half the level of six months ago, when prices first reached current levels). So too is trading volume on the Shanghai Gold Exchange .

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They've got the laws of economics behind them... Gold Hits the Same Bottom - Twice An important part of technical analysis involves analyzing price action. And gold's had plenty of that over the past year. Most significant was the massive price drop in mid-April when a black swan crash-landed on the gold market. Over just two trading days, gold futures prices shed 13%, falling from $1,575 to $1,375. That $200 cliff dive was the largest two-day drop in 33 years. By late June the price had fallen further still, to $1,180 per ounce. So far, that's been the low.