Buying an African Grey?

Let me get this to really clear, do NOT purchase "that" African grey. I'm certainly not stating there can be something wrong with this certain bird, it is merely certainly not the right selection to suit your current needs along together with your experience. You're possibly thinking why consequently i want to explain.This will not audio like a breeder however any individual attempting to - see this - rehome there "hand reared" African grey pet. In the event that you need a new bird from the breeder get one that - - is 12/16+ weeks previous in which you can see the parents.African greys grow to become able to be sexually mature with 4-6 years of age, this could be when a lot of inexperienced proprietors rehome there birds, they are no longer the "baby" This really is once the bird gets to be a "teenager" they could be moody, aggressive, bite ceteraThey tend to be "very" loud.You will need to study there entire body language after they no more want to become held/bothered, if you do not observe it then your bird will bite.African Greys have a average lifespan associated with 50-70 years.Cockatiels use a typical lifespan involving 15-20 years, will go up to 30 years.I believe heading from the Cockatiel to some African grey just isn't a large step nevertheless any leap. Specifically when the Cockatiel wasn't tame, had behavior problems(screaming, biting cage - watch now - bound, most seed diet.. et cetera)