Buy WoW Gold raid called Hellfire Citadel

Buy WoW Goldraid called Hellfire Citadel, its got a lucky 13 bosses, however , you really know what? Im not scared. No less than not, I probably will be once I have the group together. Anyway, besides that, theres the brand new uber-duper hard difficulty level the people at Blizz have added to Draenor Dungeons, called Mythic. Word on the street is that this new mode is cray-cray, and in some cases the top guilds and pro players are gonna have a tough time with them. Whatever, I aint scared well why not a little.
Blizzcon Tickets
6.2 aint out yet tho, its still in PTR, you recognize my stance, Id rather wait until a patch is live to join in, I aint no case. Speakin o PIGs, if youve got like.. numerous disposable income, tickets to Blizzcon took sale this past Wednesday, in the event you didnt already get yours, fear not, theres a 2nd batch goin up this Saturday at 10am PDT. Me? Im just a little strapped presently so Ill watch from the comfort of my couch this coming year again