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The opening fifth minutes, Rome ushered in a very dream start. P Janic starting from Buy Fifa Coinshigh quality pass, after doumbia header, the ball shitailichen, nearby the beam flying towards the net, 1-0. Inside 4 months after joining Rome, scored his first goal for that Canis rufus doumbia. Twenty-second minutes, P Janic played down curving ball clearly much more front of area, squeeze ball out hole so brave.rsfifadgdbethb
Twenty-sixth minutes, Rome to get expanded charge. Flo lenci in the right cut, SA Thoreau defensive players aren't closing down tight, Rome star to check out up a foot blast shot, the ball flew right into the corner, 2-0. Two Liandiu ball, SA Thoreau strengthened the attack. Thirtieth minutes, Berardi restricted area ahead of Fifa Coins Accountboom gate, hit the ball too. Forty-third minutes, Mixiluoli offside, even so the poor shooting angle, barely pass, the ball was manolas damage.