Buy A Boxer Puppy From Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn is in the dog breeding business. Seriously.And he's running the business with his wife, Alicia Sacramone (the Olympian gymnast), on Instagram and Twitter.This is no joke. I even traded emails with Alicia and she's ready to deliver a Boxer puppyto me in early June.The price: $1,500.I had no idea that Brady (now a Fox Sports analyst) Alicia Quinn were making extra cash breeding dogs.There are days in this business that shock me -- today is one of those - - days. You could've given me 500 guesses of athletes who were now in the dog breeding game and Brady wouldn't make the cut. The guy has the kiddie pool for the dogs and - - everything.Looking for a Boxer puppy for your girlfriend? The Quinns have you covered.[via Alicia Quinn - IG]