But as a cautionary tale, unintended consequences will emerge

But as a cautionary tale, unintended consequences will emerge forCheap FUT 16 Coins sure as the country marches toward hyper-connectivity.Taking another look at hyper-connectivityA chief concern of hyper-connectivity is that it will inadvertently open up more pathways to cyberattacks.Coordinated cyberattacks on Singapores most critical sectors such as energy, banking and telecommunications can potentially cripple the country, and a Smart Nation with its deep reliance on ICTs will definitely be vulnerable.At the moment, hackers have yet to actively target smart technologies presumably because not enough electronic gadgets are connected to the Internet for a cyberattack to be worthwhile.But this is likely to change by 2020 when the number of smart devices produced hits an estimated 26 billion units from roughly the three billion smartphones, PCs and tablets currently in use.By then, cyber criminals will almost certainly start scouring the technology for weakness.Most troubling is that smaller smart devices are less likely to have encryption and authentication capabilities due to their more limited computing power.It is not just the individual and his or her smart devices that will be targeted by cyber-criminals, organizations will also become vulnerable when employees bring their unsecured smart devices to work.http://fifa16.vipmmobank.com