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Unmatched Global - our website - PartnershipsWith 32 offices worldwide & unmatched distribution partnerships, Business Wire sends your news anywhere you need to go. This extended reach allows us to adapt our service to a wide range of media landscapes that go beyond local areas. Business Wire is the only commercial newswire that has full-text carriage provisions with all of the world's leading news organizations: Associated Press Worldwide, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters. With partnerships with dozens of regional and local news agencies, including Postmedia Network (Canada), the Press Association (UK and Ireland), ME Newswire (Middle East), Interfax China, Jiji Press (Japan) and many more.Unsurpassed Multimedia and Content DistributionReaders process Visuals 60,000 times faster than text (Cisco, 2010). Via Business Wire's exclusiveSmart News Releaseplatform, text news releases and multimedia content are posted online and distributed to key audiences via the Business Wire network. Photo Smart News Releases are posted directly to Yahoo! Finance, distributed to daily newspapers in the US via the Associated Press photo network and posted to community and industry-based websites. In addition to Smart News Releases, Business Wire has partnered with Nextworks to bring digital storytelling and multimedia to the next level with Content Capsules. The Content Capsule is a self-contained interactive platform that houses your campaign-specific videos, photos, press - her comment is here - releases, presentations, documents and graphics.Worldwide Disclosure ExpertsBusiness Wire offers services for satisfying regulatory obligationsin the US and around the globe. Our in-house EDGARteam - an industry first - makes Business Wire the largest EDGAR filer in the newswire sector. Business Wire also offers Canadian SEDAR and UK Regulatory filings, along with disclosure fulfillment in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland. We also provide complete in-houseXBRLservices, with a CPA-level staff taking filers through every step of the process from data tagging to filing.Measurement and InsightBusiness Wire offers a press-release specific NUVI Social Media Monitoring Report that includes data collected after a press release is issued. The figures from the report are triggered by monitoring the headline and other keywords specified by the issuer. In additionNewsTrak, provides news release distribution statistics, website posting reports, online viewership data, media clips, media intelligence, reputation management and analytics.Industry - More Info - and Demographic SpecificIn the US, our Business Wire, AutomotiveWire, EntertainmentWire, HealthWire and SportsWire networks offer - about his - more than 200 industry segments - - to provide highly targeted news delivery to relevant audiences. Business Wire also provides services for issue-specific news such ascorporate social responsibilityand public policy with our CSR Circuit and Public Policy Circuits. Demographic markets include Hispanic, African and Asian American.Tradeshow & Conference PartnershipsOur tradeshow and conference division is at the forefront of innovation, providing integrated communications tools to public relations and investor relations professionals. By working with leading industry shows and financial conferences, including having Official Wire status at dozens of them, we provide unique additional exposure for our members' news.More Newsrooms, More - - AccurateWith 32 bureaus worldwide and 22 full service newsrooms, Business Wire offers more personalized customer servicethan any other commercial newswire, providing better local support with fast turnaround of your news releases and greater accuracy. That's what more than 50 years of experience and credibility can do for you.