Burlington Seed Company Set to Make History at the 2012 Green Living Show

By Paul W. FitzgeraldA new seed company in Burlington, ON, has some big bragging rights to share.RTF Water Saver Canada (Distributors of RTF Water Saver Grass Seed) has been asked to take part in this years Green Living Show, which is being held from April 13to 15 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto, ON.RTF Water Saver Grass Seed will be the only seed company with a presence at Canadas largest consumer event devoted to promoting a sustainable future.The Green Living Show celebrates products that enable people to be more eco-friendly and sustainable every day in their lives, says Gareth Davies of Green Living. RTF Water Saver is a major improvement to existing grass seed products, and one that people can feel good about using.RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is now being utilized by more and more homeowners, golf courses and municipalities alike in Halton, the GTA and across Canada, as this new invention is proven to protect and preserve the environment.Ryan Streatch, National Agent and Spokesperson for RTF Water Saver Canada, says his company is thrilled to take part in this years Green Living Show.Its a real step forward for any company to be involved in the Green Living Show, says Streatch. As a new company, we are truly honoured to be asked to take part in the big event. We are also thrilled with the fact that lead organizers of the Green Living Show feel our seed has tremendous value for the environment.He adds, When people think about protecting and preserving the environment, the topic of seed rarely comes up. People tend to think more about energy and new technology applications. However, times are changing and people are gaining more holistic understanding of other industries and how they too are offering new solutions that help foster a sustainable environment for tomorrow.RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is an eco-friendly seed and we know it will create lots of buzz at this years Green Living Show.RTF Water Saver Grass Seed offers water saving features, quick germination for a thick uniform lawn that chokes out weeds, and resilience to pest, disease and drought. Its shade tolerant too.RTF Water Saver Grass Seed is innovative in many ways with the R3 Factor(Rapid, Rhizomes, Repairs) and coined The Only Seed You'll Ever Need.The product is so advanced it has its own patent. Its the only tall fescue with very active rhizomes (underground stems) that forms new plant growth to fill in open spaces and bare spots. With roots that also dig very deep(up to 6 feet) RTF provides a lawn thats beautiful, lush, uniform and green, thriving with significantly less water a key feature with common summer drought in Ontario.For government and commercial applications, as well as for homeowners, use of RTF Water Saver Grass Seed results in lower maintenance costs. Water saving means less irrigation costs, and a RTF lawn tolerates low fertilizer application with a mass root system that utilizes the maximum water and nutrients available in the soil. Its ruggedness is perfect for areas that get a lot of foot traffic such as parks and sport fields. It is suitable as a no-mow option for golf course roughs or even highway applications, says Streatch.The esteemed Vineland Research and Innovation Centre give credit to RTF Water Saver Grass Seed as a new and innovative eco-solution in the lawn care industry.RTF Water Saver Canada has already received official confirmation from the City of Toronto Parks Department that their generous donation of RTF Water Saver Grass Seed was accepted for the restoration of St. James Park following the 40-dayOccupy Protest that caused nearly$60,000.00 in damages. In addition to being headlined in a number of popular newspapers and magazines, RTF Water Saver Grass Seed was recently featured as a latest and greatest must have product by Owen Reeves, a gardening expert on CTVs Marilyn Denis Show.There has been praise for RTF Water Saver Grass Seed for its use and benefits for our environment. New regulations in many parts of Canada, including Ontario, demand an environmental focus.RTF Water Saver seed establishes quickly and is more resilient, says Streatch.Neither weeds or insects proliferate in its dense self-repairing turf. Its also a water sipper, staying greener during droughts. These environmentally sustainable properties offer consumers improved value; it is easier and less expensive to maintain." href='http://www.examiner.com/article/burlington-seed-company-set-to-make-history-at-the-2012-green-living-show' - http://www.examiner.com/article/burlington-seed-company-set-to-make-history-at-the-2012-green-living-show -