Building Wealth: Best Moves If You're 35 To 44

9 Ways to Build Wealth in 2011

Both trade at P/Es under 11. 30. Favor new consumers. The old way to invest in the developing world: via a Western multinational active in China and India.

Steps to Building Wealth

Look For Low-Cost Mutual Funds and Watch Those Fees Jill Gianola, CFP, owner of Gianola Financial Planning, LLC, and author of "The Young Couple's Guide to Growing Rich Together": "One of my favorite ways to build wealth is to pay close attention to the cost of investing and stick to low-cost, no-load mutual funds," she says. One example: "If you invested $10,000 in small-cap, value funds with a commission and higher-than-average operating expenses and earned 7 percent a year for 10 years, your balance would be $16,005 and you would have paid a sales charge of $575 and $1,890 in operating expenses," she says. "Compare that to investing the same amount for the same time period earning the same return in a no-load, small-cap, value fund with low operating expenses," she says. "Your balance would be $19,128 and you would have paid $408 in operating expenses." The difference: $3,123.

In their book, "The Millionaire Next Door," Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko discovered that self-made millionaires are very efficient at turning income into go to website wealth. Find the best high-yield savings account. Ultimately, it comes down to a balancing act.