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Moving at a far pace from relative obscurity to making worldwide headlines in newspapers and international cable network, is cyber security.

Even during national presidential debates of world power countries such as the United States of America, matters relating to cyber security and cyber-attacks were solemnly brought to the table for discussion. For this subject matter to have caught the attention of the world major stakeholders, it’s definitely not an issue to be taken with levity. Despite the global growing concern about cyber security, some folks are still unaware on how to go about securing their businesses online. Some folks are also still in a little bit of fuzz as to the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, well we have got you covered on all the information you need to make that big move from HTTP to HTTPS.

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
HTTP is an acronym which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, it is a web application which enables communication and data transfer between a client (a person surfing the internet) and a server. On the other hand, HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which does the same job as the HTTPS but the difference here is that all your communication and data transfer is through a secured network which cannot be viewed by other people or hackers on your network. To verify this, log on to a website, and you’ll observe that the server communicates back to you with either HTTPS or HTTP, you may still have access to some level of privacy through the purchase of cheap VPS which offers the flexibility of tweaking your IP address in the bid to enabling a proxy location.

Why you need to migrate to HTTPS
The following are the advantages that an HTTPS configured websites has to offer.

· More security

· Better referral data

· And HTTPS connection help build trust between you and your clients

· High rate of Google indexing and ranking

Vulnerable sides of HTTP
With direct access to your data and communication over a web host server that offers SSD hosting or HDD hosting, there a lot of vulnerabilities and loopholes which can easily be fixed with just an SSL certificate installed on your website control panel. Some of this vulnerabilities are listed below.

· Your browsing habit can easily be tracked through an HTTP connection

· Malware can easily be injected into users computers surfing the web with HTTP connection

· Your website can easily be brought down when communicating with your server through an HTTP network.

· You can be spied on through an HTTP connection.

All the above-listed vulnerabilities can easily be mitigated when operating on a secured network (HTTPS connection). An HTTPS connection ensures that your data and communication with a website is kept private. Without HTTPS there would have been no safe haven for internets users who website plays a critical role in their lives, any hacker with the set skills can at the comfort of his/her room from anywhere in the world cause serious damages. The need for you to migrate to HTTPS secured connection today, all you need to make this happen is secure an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority with fast VPS.

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