BT Cutting Line Rental Fees

If you are a BT customer who only has a landline with BT and no broadband then you will find that your line rental will drop by £7 for every month from May 2018 onwards.
This price cut has happened due to an investigation by telecoms regulator OFCOM who discovered that line rental prices were increasing despite the cost of providing these services has dropped by over 25%.

This action was taken to help safeguard customers who were more often than not older and had no need for a broadband connection with it especially helping the elderly. These changes will amount to a total saving of £84 a year as prices for line rental will drop from £18.99 to £11.99 across the country.

The new agreement between OFCOM and BT will further help safeguard customers in the years to come as they will also ensure that line rental charges will be capped for 3 years. The price that BT charges for calls will not increase by more than the rate of inflation for the next 3 years.
In total more than 1.5million homes throughout the UK only have a landline connection and around two-thirds of these are BT customers. As a result of this BT were free to leverage the prices as they knew these customers were unlikely to change providers. Of the customers affected over 75% had never swapped landline providers and over 66% were over the age of 65.

BT has since written to the more than 900,000 customers affected to inform them of the lowered rate of line rental that they will now pay. Similarly other businesses that operate in the landline telecommunications market such as the Post Office will also have to reduce their rate.

If you believe you are one of the customers affected and have not received a letter or want to get in touch with BT for any reason we recommend you get in touch with them by calling 08700 420392. If you would like to find alternative numbers we suggest you check out FindMyNumbers which is a free telephone directory which has contact details for many large UK businesses including BT. You can find some of these alternative numbers by clicking on the following link - .