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Conectado the first season of Endurance, Jonna and Aaron made up the blue team, chosen by Ashley, making up one of the teams that followed the list. (WIN) The team won the Temple Mission. In visite este link página web , the eliminated players were brought back the following day to compete in a second chance Right to Stay game. (WIN) The team won the Endurance Mission, the previously eliminated team's pyramid pieces, and the Samadhi.
The Purple team created their super-team of Purple, Red, and Orange. Available colours: black, blue, silver and red. In addition to winning a Magic Box, teams are allowed to do what they want with the information given. However, Brown won, sent them to Temple with Purple, where Blue lost in three rounds.
However, it is customary, that when three teams remain, the winners of the Samadhi have the right to not give its effect to a team, leaving a level playing field for the final Temple Mission. 2 In the final challenge, the Brown and Green teams competed for the eight pieces left behind by the Orange team.
When Blue came back, they initially feared being a target again due to Gray leaving them their Commitment piece, as well as the other teams still believed they would seek revenge for breaking their alliance early; however, Shea and Amelia went below the radar after their surprise victory during SuperTeams, never winning a mission.
The next day, in Fill and Spill, Blue was the second team to be eliminated, after Yellow. Because they spoke up when discussing the partners, Shea and Amelia became the first team of Endurance, and subsequentially chose Blue for their team color. Three seasons of Endurance (Hawaii, Tehachapi and High Sierras) were each nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the category of "Outstanding Children's Series", however the espetáculo never won.
4 In Create Your Own Game” the Red Team was forced to go to Temple of Fate in the next episode for coming last in the Endurance mission. After receiving the Samadhi, the Red Team used it to put Ike on the Gray team with Darci and Connor acessível the blue team with Taylor.