Bridal Shoes - Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair

A wedding is one of the most important days of a woman's life and she wants to look amazing on that special day. From the gown to the shoes, every single part of the outfit is important to her. Everyone will be looking at her and she wants to look her best. The gown is the most important part of her outfit. Once she has chosen the perfect gown, she must find the perfect shoes to complete the look. Women love to shop for shoes. Some women have a closet devoted just to her shoes. You can never have too many shoes and many women have at least one pair of shoes for each outfit.Shoes can make an outfit look great or can stand out like a sore thumb. There are many shoes to choose from so how does the bride choose which shoes will look great with her dress? She can choose by color, by heel or by style. She also has the choose of dying her shoes to match her dress. Which is the best way to choose? It can get confusing but there is no one way to choose a pair of bridal shoes. No matter which shoes a bride wears, her husband will just be happy to see her. He probably won't even notice her shoes. Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the bridal shoes that will look the best with your wedding gown.A popular option among many brides are satin high heel platform shoes. Satin is a fancy material that will look great with any wedding dress no matter what fabric you wear. Satin can match organza, velvet, chiffon and tulle. They are available in a variety of colors and can even be dyed to match the color of your gown if you want a perfect match. If the dress has a lot of bows and girly type of effects, a bow can be added to the satin shoes to help them match the dress and to create a chic look. Heels can added up to four inches of height which is great if you are marrying a taller man. This way you will be able to kiss him without having to stand on your toes. The shoes will also have a cut away detail that will highlight the arch of your foot.Another popular choice for bridal shoes are silver shoes. They can match any type of dress, from halter to strapless and from princess to swing. They will sparkle when the bride is on the dance floor, under the lights. Not only will the shoes look great during the ceremony and at the reception, they can also be used again for other occasions after the wedding. Most silver shoes come in either sequin or snake print and are metallic silver in color. They also have a zipper on the back for a snug fit. Many brides love silver and it is because it will match just about any dress. Some brides even require their bridesmaids to wear silver shoes. Silver shoes will match perfectly with whatever color gown you decided to wear. You can even buy silver shoes first and then pick out your gown as the silver shoes will match any dress you pick out to wear on that special day. For women who love sparkle and glam, a gold rhinestone sandal will make her day special. Gold rhinestone sandals are completely covered in rhinestones that will sparkle with every step the bride takes. They go great with just about any wedding dress.Gold rhinestone sandals are perfect for a basic gown. They'll add that extra sparkle to a dress that basic plain gown that doesn't have much going for it. Rhinestone sandals are also metallic and can come in both silver and gold. They have a strappy front to hold the shoe to the foot. They can work for any type of wedding from the formal to the informal. This is a shoe that can be used more than once. These should are perfect for a night out with the girls or on a night out on the town with your new husband. Everyone wants to look like a princess on their wedding day so why don't you get some shoes to fit for a princess.A glitter platform sandal is the sandal of choice for brides looking to go glam. They will ensure that you're the center of attention. The are the perfect glamour girl shoes and are perfect for the bride who want's to stand out from the crowd. They are a sling-back shoe that includes a wrapped platform. The peep toe shoes are cute and at the same time sexy and will make any bride feel like a girly girl on the happiest day of their lives. The glitter platform sandals are available in both silver and gold. They work great with a white wedding gown that has gold accents or they work with an off-white gown. They will match just about any variety of wedding dress but they are very flashy and are suited for a bride who wants to look flashy while she is dancing with her prince charming on the dance floor.Finally, black kitten heels are perfect classic shoes for the traditional bride. The black kitten heel is often overlooked when it comes to weddings but they will make any bride feel like she is worth a million dollars. They are a low heeled shoe but even so, they are incredibly sexy but will provide a traditional look for a bride who doesn't want to stand out too much. They will match any style wedding dress available on the market and rhinestones can be added to them to add an extra style and bling to the bridal shoes.It does not matter which shoe you choose for your wedding day. Just make sure that it is comfortable and looks great. Remember that the only memories you will have of your wedding day will be of your husband and your loved ones and not of your shoes.