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There were no surprises during this period. "You know Brian has been a great player. He's a Hall of Fame player. He's done great things for the Chicago Bears . It's been a win-win as far as Brian and the Chicago Bears. That's been a great [relationship] Devin Hester Superbowl Jersey for the city of Chicago, for our fans and for the Bears. It's also been good for Brian. We've committed more resources to Brian than any Bears [player] in the history of the organization. We were willing to commit more.

Brian Urlacher isnt interested in coaching or broadcasting

21, 2007): Few will forget running back Reggie Bush taunting Urlacher on an 88-yard, third-quarter touchdown run. But Urlacher and the Bears came away with bragging rights thanks to 21 fourth-quarter points. Urlacher finished with four tackles and four pass deflections. "I just remember winning the game at home, we were holding the Halas Trophy and the snow was coming down on the platform with all my teammates standing there," Urlacher said. "I remember Lovie (Smith) and coach (Ron) Rivera being up there with us. I remember Rex Grossman being up there with us. I mean, we're holding the trophy with snow coming down. It was perfect." 2.

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Although I could continue playing, I'm not sure I would bring a level of performance or passion that's up to my standards. When considering this, along with the fact that I could retire after a 13 year career wearing only one jersey for such a storied franchise, my decision became pretty clear. "I want to thank all of the people in my life that helped me along the way. I will miss my teammates, my coaches, and the great Bears fans. I'm proud to say that I gave all of you everything I had every time I took the field. I will miss the game, but I leave it with no regrets." What Brian Urlacher meant to the Chicago Bears In a day and age when most players compete for multiple teams, Urlacher will forever be remembered in a singular jersey. Urlacher came into the league as a first-round pick out of the University of New Mexico for Chicago and stayed in the Windy City for the duration of his career. Outside of Ray Lewis , no linebacker in the past decade or so has been more accomplished than Urlacher. A future Hall-of-Famer, Urlacher has enough accomplishments to last a lifetime: 2000 Defensive Rookie of the Year, 2005 Defensive Player of the Year, eight-time pro bowler and four-time All-Pro.

Brian Urlacher announces retirement from NFL

And many teams made an equally right choice not signing him. swagger52 says: Jun 23, 2013 5:04 PM Too bad I respect Brian Urlacher. He would be a great announcer. He could have given us true perspective at the end of the Best Linebacker Ever in the Super Bowl last year with Ray Lewis. Instead of Jim Nantz..Ray had a tough week answering questions about double homicide and payoff. Or this week..Ray is most overrated Raven ever. Who was overrating Ray the last 3 years of his career?