Breakthrough Therapy For Ocd, Obsessive Compulsive Sufferers

By: John Boylan, Ph.D.OCD Counseling TherapyNEW: Obsessive compulsive disorders may well be a thing of the past. With the emergence new 'techniques' in treating OCD 's the exact underlying cause for OCD anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic attacks and many other anxiety related issues can now be determined and eliminated. The result is a remarkably fast recovery for these conditions. The Day Spring Counseling Center has been deeply involved in working with these new approaches - refining them and leading the field in OCD research and therapy methodologies. The good news for all OCD and anxiety sufferers is real help is now available for these conditions which were once thought to be untreatable without heavy dosing of psychotropic medications. The above statement may come as a shock to many OCD sufferers. This is because up until now treatment modalities have not been overly successful in 'curing' this condition. What has come about in recent years is the landmark research being done by the Day Spring Center, located in Richardson Texas. The center has combined the use of a simple bio-feed back type device, basically a bio-monitor which is a fancy name for one component of a polygraph. What they have learned is OCD's always have at their core a fear which has not been identified nor handled by the OCD victim. The outward 'odd' behavior which accompanies the deeply suppressed fear is actually an attempt on behalf of the sufferer to release the fear and its negative emotional feelings. Thus, a client with a deeply rooted fear may try to release it by flipping a light switch a certain number of times or perfectly aligning the boxes in his pantry, etc Strangely, the OCD sufferer does get a temporary release from the negative feelings by engaging in ritualistic behaviors. The relief attained by the behavior,however, is fleeting and the 'hidden' fear will rear up again and again, and the OCD behavior returns. Even the use of powerful drugs to numb the feelings have little to zero effect in curing the OCD. The employ of the bio-monitor in treating the OCD is quite ingenious. It allows the therapist to quickly determine where the clients hot buttons, his deep rooted, hard to determine fears are located. In fact, it usually takes only one to two 50 minute sessions to positively determine the exact nature and cause of the fear. After this, all that remains to be done is to fall back on more traditional methods of therapy to wrap things up with the client. The center has had many wonderful successes with this new method and is now rolling out its use in its service offerings to clients. Not every one who picks up one of these devices can instantly handle an obsessive thought or compulsive behavior. The machine is only one part of the equation. In fact, the institute has spent several years in developing various techniques in using the bio-monitor and combining its use with an assortment of set patterns of questions directed to the client. So the right equipment and proper training in its use are essential to a good therapy outcome. The bottom line to this report is this, "OCD sufferers now have a real reason to be hopeful - there is an effective treatment for this here to fore seemingly hopeless condition".Real Help for your OCD is simply a phone call away, please call today we want to help and we can help.About the Author:John F. Boylan, Ph.D., has both a Master of Divinity degree and a Ph.D., in Psychology having its focus in behavioral psychology. He has served as a Chaplin at West Point Military Academy. In all, Dr. Boylan has been involved in counseling and ministry for 28 years - full time counseling in the Dallas area since 1989. 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