Break The Mildew: How To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly With Out Steroids

Of all the injectable steroids available, testosterone is arguably the best. Testosterone is very versatile, provides the best muscle and strength gains per milliliter of drug, and offers the best value for your money in terms of benefit per dollar spent. Plus, testosterone, unlike other more exotic drugs, is widely available.

Injectable testosterone is much less liver toxic. It is a suspension of the active form of the testosterone molecule mixed into sterile oil or, sometimes, into water. You administer injectable testosterone via deep, intramuscular injection. Usually, guys inject test into the glutes, deltoids or quads. For the most part, injectable testosterone is much longer lasting than oral steroids and has an active lifespan of between a few days to several weeks depending on the type used.

Injectable testosterone is available in several forms or esters. A particular testosterone’s ester refers to how its chemical structure has been changed to alter how long it remains active in your body after your injection. The time that a steroid remains active in your body is the steroid’s half-life.

throughout your steroid cycle using the least amount of testosterone possible.

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If you spend a few minutes surfing the internet looking for steroid information, you are bound to find articles that say that one type of testosterone is better than another. It seems that everyone has a favorite type of testosterone, and while some people favor testosterone cypionate, others have a big love of enanthate. The difference between these and other types of testosterone is down to the addition of something called an ester and while esters are important, they are very misunderstood.