Brar Investment Capital Selected For Battlefin Tournament 6.0 the Hedge Fund Hunger Games

2014: The year of the alternative investment?

San Francisco Bay Area, California (PRWEB) December 30, 2013 Brar Investment Capital, LLC announced today that is has been selected for BattleFin 6.0 tournament that will start in early 2014. BattleFin runs tournaments to identify the best liquid investment strategies across asset classes. From over 3000 entries, only the top strategies are selected. The tournament is sponsored by Lions Path Capital. We are humbled to be selected to participate in a very prestigious and well known tournament. We look forward to showcase our unique strategy that focuses on investing through a highly concentrated portfolio of securities while potentially minimizing risk for investors. Brar is best known for his go against the grain views and believes that a basket of a few deeply discounted equities has the potential to deliver satisfying returns in the long term.

The Evolution Of Alternative Beta: Using Index-Based Investment Strategies

Whether the goal is growth, income, asset protection, wealth transfer or a combination of those, alternative asset classes are carving out a larger presence in a broad range of portfolios, including those of older investors. Whether packaged inside familiar, publicly traded mutual fund or ETF wrappers or as stand-alone, private offerings, alternative investments have established themselves in the investment mainstream , largely because the financial upheaval of 2008 forced the investment community to rethink some of its long-held asset allocation strategies. No question, 2008 opened some eyes to how things that supposedly were not correlated actually were, says Marta click here for get the elevation group blackhat Shen, JD, CPA, CFP, AIF, principal at Spring Street Financial in Atlanta. She estimates that most of the portfolios she manages for clients include anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent alternative investments. Which flavor? Alternative investment strategies include a wide range of instruments, with strategies built around managed futures, commodities (and commodity futures), arbitrage/market neutral, private equity, private real estate, volatility/options strategies, and long/short (equity or debt) being among the most popular among advisors and institutional investors.

As these products grow in number and size, the need to better understand the mechanics of alternative beta has never been greater. Listen as IndexUniverse and Credit Suisse took a deep dive into the world of index-based alternative investment strategies. This 60-minute webinar focused on various alternative beta strategies and how they are packaged as ETPs. Topics covered include how these products are constructed and why they might make sense for todays investor. Additional topics covered included: Alternative beta strategies: How and why they work, and how they may be effective tools in a portfolio The various types of replication strategies ETN vs. ETF: Why the wrapper matters Credit Suisse AG (Credit Suisse) has filed a registration statement (including prospectus supplement and prospectus) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), for the offering of securities.