Bowling Alley: The Popular Weekend Hangout in Al Naeem City Center, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Bowling now a day’s became a global sport which can be played in leisure time in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball towards a target. It is one of the well know sports in which, the target is generally to knock over pins at the end of a lane. A strike is once all the pins are knocked downwards on the first roll, whereas a spare is when all the pins are knocked over on the second attempt.

These days, bowling alleys have become a leading industry for middle-class family enjoyment having locations in suburban shopping centers, as well as in more urbanized areas worldwide. A bowling alley or bowling centre is such a place surrounded with features where the sport of bowling, often ten-pin bowling, is played which contain long, narrow wooden alleys and varying on the structure size of the bowling alley, the number of lanes can range from just a small amount to a large number.

Bowling alley became an extremely popular activity in Al Naeem City Center, Ras Al Khaimah, and UAE and has gained its popularity as well. However, bowling city is the largest private bowling investor in the UAE, with the greatest number of bowling lanes in the country. It is in fact a multi million dollar business that employs a huge chunk of people working in the entertainment industry.


Our bowling alley is specifically designed and built to take care of standard bowling tournaments and individual or group of bowling players; we have active childcare services for toddlers as well. It has the facilities of 12 lanes bowling alley, 10 Billiards Table, Table Tennis, Computer Games, Internet, PS2 & PS3 and wide choices of beverages and a lounge that provides music, your visit should be a memorable one. It’s an entertainment center located in Al Naeem City Center, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Thus; this is not only a place for children to play, but also a place that provides activities for whole family and for people of all ages, offering the perfect mix of sporting fun and family entertainment.

Ultimately, this innovative bowling sports has synchronized coloured lighting & dance music, come with special fog and mist effects - a perfect atmosphere for enjoyment , an ideal place for holding league and  international tournaments. This bowling alley won’t disappoint you rather you can come and experience our amusement facility.

Visit and feel the Difference at Al Naeem City Center, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE