Bowe Bergdahl Returns To Us; Obama Says No Combat Troops To Iraq | Video - Abc News

In "Animal Madness," author Laurel Braitman explains how animals can lose their minds just like humans. Severe Weather Warnings Across Heartland Millions are bracing for high winds, large hail and tornados throughout the country. How to Protect Against Chikungunya Virus How to Protect Against Chikungunya Virus Two cases of the mosquito-borne virus that's thought to have originated in the Caribbean have been confirmed in Rhode Island. Americans Ask: Was Iraq War Worth It? The Pentagon commented it will "provide the Commander-in-Chief flexibility should military options be required." US Aircraft Carrier Arrives in Persian Gulf The crisis in Iraq spreads amid reports of about 2,000 Iranian troops joining the fight. Kenan Gay Found Not Guilty in Murder Trial Verdict reached in the case of a bar brawl that turned fatal. Mother Gives Birth to Twins 39 Days Apart Complicated pregnancy kept Kansas City mom on bed rest for nearly six weeks. Bowe Bergdaghl Finally Returns to the United States Bowe Bergdaghl Finally Returns to the United States The prisoner of war recently freed in controversial exchange with the Taliban has been transferred to Texas military base. Rhode Island Latest to Report Case of Chikungunya Fever Several cases of the little known virus have been reported across several states in the U.S.