Bowe Bergdahl Returns Home To A Long Road Ahead | Fox 59 News

The reintegration Bergdahls daily routine will focus on four key areas: medical care, psychological support, debriefings and family support. This is to help a person who has had no control of their own life for years now regain that control step by step, said Army spokeswoman Arwen Consaul. Traumatizing experiences known only to Bergdahl may have distorted any sense of normalcy that he might have had, as well as mechanisms he might have used to cope with everyday life. Theyve been in a situation where everybody else has controlled them or something else has taken charge. And they have not been able to choose, the Defense Department psychologist said about long-held captives generally. Now theyre overwhelmed with daily living, and so we kind of start the process of giving them back the ability to predict. The case for each returnee is different. The reintegration of Sgt. Bergdahl is a comprehensive process. There is no set time line for any phase of reintegration.