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Louis Vuitton is often a famous French brand, I believe a lot of the fashion fans know that Louis Vuitton can be a Louis Vuitton family business founded to form well-known European handbags. To get to know the arrival of 2010, Louis Vuitton fashion nearly the people for the introduction of an assortment of party bags, make your party be noticed late. For the Louis Vuitton we're also most familiar with might be pushing its quarterly MONOGRAM, has launched so many color up, and already had a considerable amount of influx of people in to the collections. Although the absolute Chen De Louis Vuitton fashion house on a "strange" characters. Louis Vuitton stands out as the focus of for this unique fall and winter, and implement the concept of brand Louis Vuitton, with the brand stands for: typically the letter L and SIXTH IS V, combined with a reddish colored louis vuitton sac heart-shaped pattern, as unique and fascinating signs and patterns to be able to Monogram's PVC show this fall and winter Handbags series. Series Tote bag and cosmetic travelling bag, zipper also spend Louis Vuitton business logo engraved Snap buttons, complete with thoughts. Louis Vuitton? Pegase 55 BusinessAn remarkably quiet, stable rolling model. A front padded pc pocket. Soft Taiga leatherette. Everything about the Pgase 55 Business was made to bring the joy into business travel. Size (LxHxD): 40cm back button 55cm x 20cm-Cabin size-Two stage telescopic handle - Lock it button within the trolley handle-Exterior zipped pocket-Two in house zipped pockets-Two gear protection flaps-Removable sack containing protective sleeve-Garment coverPRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: M23342Louis Vuitton is known as "geeks" is known, his or her design bizarre. Most of his art works for much more when compared with practical, has been belittled as unrealistic. In fact, Louis Vuitton is an in-depth design, presumably to prove that real talent is going to be received can be put, he launched a selection of unusual and practical package deal section.