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[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]Snowball the cockatoo has a real feel for music. He bobs his head
and stomps his feet to the beat when his owners play his favorite song,
the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's

Until now, there has been no evidence that any - - living thing besides
humans move to the rhythm of music. So researchers were surprised when
they saw a video on the Internet of Snowball dancing.

The researchers studied Snowball to see if he was just imitating
his owners of if he was moving to the beat of the music by himself. When
the scientists sped up and slowed down Snowball's favorite song,
they found that he could still keep the beat some of the time. They hope
to do more studies to see if other animals get into the groove.

SHAKE A LEG: The cockatoo Snowball can dance to the beat of music.
If your pet can cut a rug, let this study's researcher know by

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