Bodybuilding: Enjoying Holiday Meals With No Regrets

Sami new Amateur Mr Olympia!

Your protein sources should consume half of your plate; your veggies, the other half, with a quarter of that section devoted to fun foods. If you decide that you want a second helping, recreate the same process with your plate. Don't allow yourself to sabotage your decision to indulge in the festivities. One day out of the year will not destroy the progress you've made thus far. In fact, allowing yourself to engage, rather than avoid, is more likely to keep you on track rather than your fear of getting off track. Why? Because, when you allow yourself, on occasion, the pleasure of a food or treat, not normally in your diet, you can actually enjoy it and move on, rather than force yourself to stay away from it. Sometimes, forcing it away causes you to lose control and possibly start binging. It's just food. If you want it, it's not the end of the world. Just remember, you are in control. Source -

The third edition of the IFBB Amateur Mr Olympia took place under the patronage of Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and Bahrain Olympic Committee president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and it offered a total prize purse of a staggering $100,000. Shaikh Nasser was present at the venue, as were Asian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness chief and Bahrain Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Federation president Shaikh Abdulla bin Rashid Al Khalifa, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) president Dr Rafael Santonja and Arab Bodybuilding Federation president Dr Eng Adel Fahim. American bodybuilder Phil Heath, who is the reigning Mr Olympia amongst professional bodybuilders, was also on hand last night and he addressed the crowd, promising to come back to the kingdom for future events. Egyptian Mamdouh Elssbiay, known more popularly as "Big Ramy", was another big name star present, as was Bahrain's very own Sami Al Haddad, who was the champion from last year's Amateur Mr Olympia held in Kuwait. Last night's final featured all seven bodybuilders who had won first place in their respective weight classes on Friday night. The battled it out against one another, regardless of weight, flexing their muscles in front of the judges over two rounds - initially side by side on stage as a group and then later on one by one. The panel of international judges eventually declared Sami as the overall winner and new Amateur Mr Olympia. He beat out the likes of Mohammed Al Tarouti from Saudi Arabia (under-70kg), Ariel Guong of the Philippines (under75kg), Muneer Jaffar also from Saudi (under-80kg), Ahmed Ashkanani from Kuwait (under-85kg), Ahmed Al Wardani of Egypt (under-90kg), and John Andrew Cifra of the Philippines (under-100kg). Along with Sami, Cifra appeared to be among the crowd favourites from yesterday's show. Following the official announcement of the winner, Sami was presented his prize by Shaikh Nasser, who was joined on stage by Shaikh Abdulla, Santonja and Fahim. More than 100 bodybuilders from all over the world competed for this year's title of Amateur Mr Olympia. Source -

Bodybuilding Boys Often Try Drugs and Alcohol, Study Finds

The resident of Cullen Bay, Darwin, said the competition was a gruelling 4am-to-7pm day and she needed a few rests before the final judging. "My conditioning and symmetry were spot-on," the former Territory netball team player said. She has stuck to a "clean living" diet of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, which includes nuts, oils, fish, chicken, meat, and vegetables. "This sport is your life," she said. "My colleagues know when I'm hungry. "My nickname is "Snickers", they say: "Kirsty, you're just not yourself ... " She said the police life was not unhealthy, but busy. And she's far from The Simpsons' stereotypical donut-chomping, fast-food munching cop, Chief Wiggum. "I cook healthy things for colleagues and bring in food for morning tea," the confessed chocoholic said. Source -

Bodybuilding MP gives Kevin Rudd a run for his money when it comes to taking selfies

These boys, like girls who starve or purge to lose weight, are susceptible to other risky behaviors, such as binge drinking and drug use, she noted. Doctors and parents need to be aware that body image can be a problem among young men, Field said. "They need to tell them that changing their physique is not going to change their world. They need to help them evaluate themselves on things other than their weight and shape," she said. This area, Field said, hasn't been studied, so whether the problem is growing isn't known. Because the issue hasn't been recognized, doctors and parents don't look for it or make the connection between body image concerns and risky behaviors, she said. "We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with messages about weight," Field said. "If your son or your daughter evaluate themselves by their image in the mirror, that's a problem and you need to talk to them." One indication the problem may be increasing is the current obsession with the sculpted body promoted to young men by clothing manufacturers and the media, Field said. A lot of photographs young people see are completely altered, airbrushed and retouched, so what they see as an ideal can't be achieved, she said. "And males are just as influenced [by these images] as females," she noted. Source -

NT Police officer Kirsty Ray wins bodybuilding competition

Source: CourierMail HAS this MP surpassed Kevin Rudd vince delmonte as Queensland's biggest political selfie fanatic? Nudgee's bodybuilding MP Jason Woodforth has managed to transform his spring 2013 newsletter into a shrine to his physique, squeezing more than 40 happy snaps of himself on to just eight pages. The anti-fluoride campaigner and fitness buff - who has previously admitted to eating naked in front of a mirror as a weight-loss measure - is no stranger to the camera and has in the past been happy to strip down to show off his sculpted physique. While he has since said the naked eating comment was "tongue-in-cheek", he has no plans to shy away from keeping his constituents supplied with images of his clothed form. "There might be one or two shots without me in it - but essentially it's about me and what I'm doing around the electorate," Mr Woodforth told The Sunday Mail. He likened the spread to a set of holiday snaps, saying it made more sense to have him in the frame. "I just went overseas recently and I said to my partner, I said you've got to be in the photo because I don't need to see a scenery shot," he said. "If I need to see a scenery shot, I'll just Google it." He said it was also about proving he was actually making appearances around the electorate. "We put them up there to show that one, I'm actually there," he said. Source -