Boca Raton Florida Law enforcement Division does not safeguard victims

Boca Raton Police

My title is Leonard Pozner, and I am the parent of a youngster who was murdered at the Sandy Hook Elementary University taking pictures on December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. After the horrific loss of life of my 6-12 months-previous son Noah, my household relocated to Boca Raton, FL, hoping to locate a tranquil environment in which to mend.

Given that then, I have been harassed continuously and relentlessly on the internet, above the mobile phone, and even in individual. The harassment arrives at the fingers of all fashion of unhinged conspiracy theorists, recognized as “Hoaxers,” who feel the taking pictures was a authorities-staged hoax in the curiosity of gun management, as effectively as sociopath world wide web trolls who accomplish some warped feeling of self-gratification by victimizing the bereft. But one of the worst and most surprising incidents, which subsequently activated my identified post-traumatic pressure condition, was not too long ago orchestrated by a member of the Boca Raton Law enforcement Division.

I have filed several studies of harassment, none of which have at any time been followed up on. There was, however, a Hoaxer (who I do not know) who filed fraudulent law enforcement reviews and CPS reports against me. My fast response to these unfounded studies was to site one particular sentence in my defense which was echoed across the world wide web. Shockingly, this resulted in disturbing telephone calls from
Detective John Turek of Boca PD in which he threatened to arrest me if my factual, 1st Modification guarded post remained online.

Especially, even though demanding that I just take down an internet put up I had produced defending myself, Detective Turek yelled (indeed, yelled), “DON’T MAKE ME GO In excess of THERE AND ARREST YOU Personally!” As properly, he suggested that a far more acceptable response on my part to my tormentor need to be a single of apathy, stating, “How about sticks and stones…” Sticks and stones? I find Detective Turek’s absence of empathy for my position and his menacing approaches reprehensible. (Did he advise the exact same to Shirley Pantaleon-Nunez ?)
Adding insult to injuries, the offending parties whom I was defending myself towards have not skilled related threats to their totally free speech, as their slanderous, defamatory posts remain intact.

The submit which Detective Turek demanded I consider down by a menace of arrest consisted of one sentence, including scenario amount, identify, and the explanation that the criticism was unsubstantiated. I truly feel that it was my appropriate to protect myself from the slander and defamation that resulted from the utterly bogus declare and that the threat levied from me by Detective Turek was a possible violation of my 1st Amendment rights.

I have been quite vocal in the media on all matters about the unfair treatment method of victims of substantial profile mass casualty occasions. I even founded a team to help support victims of these kinds of events which has turn into my life’s work – HONR Community To give you a sense of the kind of general public desire my conditions garner, content articles and interviews that I’ve been concerned in can be read through below:

Even though dwelling in Boca Raton, a local Professor utilized by Florida Atlantic University disseminated slanderous and defamatory rhetoric about the Sandy Hook families in on the internet blogs, social media websites, and on video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, proclaiming that my wife and I, as effectively as the other 19 sets of mothers and fathers who lost initial grade youngsters in the massacre, had been disaster actors employed by the authorities to dupe the general public. He questioned regardless of whether my son died, or ever existed in the very first spot. He demanded evidence of his existence and death and antagonized me on-line. His numerous followers took it upon them selves to harass and threaten my family members as properly as other families of the Sandy Hook victims. I created numerous grievances to Boca Raton law enforcement to no avail. The report beneath summarizes my plight with this specific, who only achieved with repercussions to his steps soon after I took matters into my own palms. one-killed-at-sandy-hook-states-fau-and-boca-law enforcement-overlooked-james-tracys-harassment-7518215

Sadly, I no longer locate peace living in Boca Raton, and now think about this a area in which folks can be effortlessly qualified and abused by badly skilled police personnel. To set it evenly, I really feel the predicament with Detective Turek exhibited a absence of adequate training, a failure of acceptable and specialist response, and a gross violation of my civil rights. Regrettably, I am now getting the necessary actions to go away Boca Raton, a spot I came to in research of solace, because of to the disappointing and distressing activities I have endured through right here.

As the anniversary of the shooting nears the medias, interest becomes renewed. I am consistently sought out for interviews by different journalists, and I completely intend to examine this regrettable chapter of my existence with any media outlet that is fascinated. I am appalled by the remedy my loved ones, and I have obtained and the failure of legislation enforcement to shield us from people who seek to inflict even more ache on victims of tragedy intentionally. I can only hope this will provide as a finding out encounter for all concerned.