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Charter airline gives out free Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes

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Two Reasons Lorillard's blu e-cigs Are the Next Big Thing

The North Carolina-based company says its Blu e-cigarette brand posted $63million in sales in the recent quarter, a brisk trade that helped push Lorillards total sales up 10percent, to $1.8billion. The company estimates that it now holds about half of the U.S. market for e-cigarettes, which heat a liquid cocktail of nicotine to create a smokeless vapor. Its e-cig sales have risen almost fivefold in the past year thanks to a national TV advertising campaign featuring Jenny McCarthy and strong repeat purchases, Lorillard says. Using A V2 Cigs Discount coupon Code, LEARN MORE AT:

This will greatly benefit Lorillard in the years ahead as e-cigs become more popular. Consumer Goods Editor Mark Reeth thinks that the popularity of e-cigs will skyrocket once consumers realize two of the major benefits of e-cigs: cost savings and health benefits. A high initial price point for blu e-cigs overshadows the savings smokers will experience down the line, while FDA regulations prevent Lorillard from selling blu e-cigs as a way to stop smoking. If and when Lorillard gets past these obstacles, the company is poised for huge profits. The Motley Fool's chief investment officer has selected his No. Using A V2 Cigs Discount coupon Code, LEARN MORE AT:

Lorillard Sees Red-Hot Sales of Its Blu E-Cigarettes

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Blu Cigs Disposable E Cigs Is the Most Affordable and Efficient E Cigs Informs SmokelessCigaretteBrands

The FAA and other industry officials say it's up to individual carriers whether to allow the tobacco-free devices on board. For now, commercial airlines don't appear to be budging. "We have no plans to offer e-cigarettes, and we currently do not allow their use in-flight," Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins says. Make the most of a V2 Cigs Promo Code to Cut Costs., LEARN MORE AT: