blade and soul gold vs Activision

blade and soul gold vs Activision: With the effective launch of Battleground 3,blade and soul gold is trying to take on Activision which is the leading action founder in first-person shooting classification with its Contact of Responsibility series. Not that this is the first such attempt by blade and soul gold, but certainly the most reliable one with Battleground 3 garnering great scores from the game enjoying critics as well as testifying its might with an astonishing 5 million+ item sales during the first A week of its launch. However the actual test will be in November, when Activision comes out with its Contact of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. We will be keenly observing opponents between the two activities, as the champion will eventually choose who stays at the top.blade and soul goldvs Blizzard Entertainment: With the scheduled launch of Celebrity Wars: The Old Republic in Dec,blade and soul gold is picking a big aim on MMORPG place, an place typically covered with Blizzard Enjoyment with its realm of Warcraft (WoW) series.blade and soul gold has a lot on stake on the achievements of SWTOR, as the price of development of the game is being rumored to be the maximum of all activities until time frame. The pre-sales reception of SWTOR has been phenomenal, with the game sweeping many prestigious video-gaming awards. However, the reality will be out after Dec 20th only and this opponents will be another place of our focus for the next one fourth.