Blackwell is Using His Business Acumen to Secure Future Outside the Ring

We all are very well familiar with the name of boxer Yahu Blackwell who has set a fantastic IBL record of 12 knock-outs. He is 31 and close to his retirement and everyone is interested to know what his after-retirement plans are. Is he up to something unique setting him apart from other former NBA boxers? Or like other boxers he is also going to be broke within few years of his retirement. As cited by Sports Illustrated 2009’s article; an estimated 60% of former NBA players got bankrupt after just few springs past their retirement. Well, our boxer tycoon is also well aware about this article and he completely has changed his outlook for after-retirement life after reading it.

Yahu Blackwell has pledged that he wouldn’t be counted as one of those boxing celebs who have been marked broke within few years of retiring. He is looking forward on investing all of his earnings into something and chose to keep himself away from the peer tension of providing it to some malicious or incompetent hangers-on. The World Boxing Union novice world champion has now entered into franchising. Following the leads of other athletes like Bradie James who is former Dallas Cowboys linebacker serving as the Brand Engagement’s director of MOOYAH Burgers, Shakes & Fries and he right now owns many MOOYAH locations.

Just like him, Yahu Blackwell also closed a deal of franchise with globally renowned Rita’s Italian Ice and his first location is all set for its openings in season summer 2018. In an interview, Yahu Blackwell stated that all he wants to become a known person not for his athlete skills but also a savvy entrepreneur with elite business portfolio. He wishes to make more money outside ring just like he used to do inside it. Yahu Blackwell who has been trained under the assistance of Freddy Roach, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Roger Mayweather is now into the mobile gaming app creations too, he heavily invested into the stock market for it as per his calculations. But he is more excited for the idea of taking this franchise.

Well after investing on so much of his ideas and strategies, we can clearly see how conscious Blackwell is about securing his and his family’s future. He is also heavily investing in urban communities for creating a business. Yahu Blackwell is thoroughly known for his IQ he uses in the ring and he is using that IQ wisely outside the ring too.

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