BlackLabel Ads Vs Google Adsense

Many people ask if there is a good
alternative to Google Adsense. There is not. Google Adsense is the
best by far however you can not use Google Adsense on a website that
has adult content such nude pictures or extreme profanity.
If you are thinking about making a
website that contains adult content then you first need to research
out how you are going to make money. With websites many newby
webmasters believe that "if you build it they will come". This is
false. However if your website contains a lot of adult content and
nude pictures of women then this statement can be true.Adult content can bring millions of
visitors to a website with little marketing if done properly. If I
could place Google Adsense on a website that contains adult content
then I would have over $56,000 dollars in my bank account as opposed
to the 56 cents I currently have in my pocket. Unfortunately we can
not use Google Adsense on websites with adult content so we have to
look for an alternative. One of the major players for adult
advertisers is BlackLabelAds.
BlackLabelAds is similar to Google
Adsense except that it can be used on Adult websites. There are a few
problems with BlackLabelAds. The main problem is low paying ads. I
ran BlackLabelAds on a high trafficked adult website to test the
earnings results. It was poor. Very poor.As You can see I had 5,677,455 page
views. 12,666 clicks on ads, and revenue of only $931.00This is very poor results. Lets assume
instead we had been using Google Adsense and had the same amount of
traffic. Lets assume we are getting $10.00 cpm ($10.00 for every
thousand page views). At a $10.00 CPM using Google Adsense I would
have earned $56,774.55$56,774.55 Using Google Adsense vs
$931.00 using BlackLabelAds for the same amount of traffic. Which
would you choose.Other points to ponder. The results
above were using BlackLabel Ads that appear on a page similar to
Adsense in addition to using their Interstitial advertising. (Forced
Most - Sam Summers - of the ads using BlackLabelAds
were NOT targeted to the content on the page.Running this adult website took more
money for hosting than it would have cost for a non adult site
because practically every page was loaded with multiple bandwidth
hogging adult images.Most people can make a lot of money writing for sites such as InfoBarrel and using Google Adsense. It
takes a lot of work for a new adult webmaster to just break even.Don't be tempted to add adult images to
your blog simply to drive more traffic. You will have to remove your
Google Adsense Ads and even though you will have a lot more traffic
to your blog, you will make a whole lot less.