black heart

Here's a poem that I wrote:
Black Heart
I scarred my heart holding on to you
In between love and hate you confused my mind,
Made me believe I was unworthy of  love
My regret is in the lies I fell inside,
In the vulnerability of my soul that kept me in your arms
When everything was insecurity;
There's no life inside my black heart.
Escape from myself is dependent on the cold in your eyes
You're a frozen, empty existence
And in my mind, that was barren of intelligence,
I endured for your love
When in truth I was deceived my illusion, misread who you are.
You shattered me like broken glass
And now there's no life inside my black heart.
Heartless and cold is the essence of who I am
Deep into my spirit that once kindled my life
There's nothing I feel inside my black heart.