Black fungus diet plan recipes drop your fat

1, chilly fungus
Components: black fungus, eco-friendly peppers, carrots
Seasoning: garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, chili bubble of drinking water, vinegar and salad
(one) 1st black fungus bubble of heat drinking water to open up, and then felled with running a cleanse, it could be cleaned with salt or flour.
(2) the inexperienced peppers and carrots are cut wire, the black fungus cleaned by hand torn into modest items.
(three) was additional towards the pot to boil drinking water, the black fungus boiled cooked, then boiled eco-friendly peppers and carrots, I keep in mind Billy promptly place cold drinking water following a superb within too cold to retain its color and crispness.
(4) The Cheuk great black fungus, environmentally friendly peppers and carrots put a bowl, add garlic, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, salad vinegar, stir together on it.

two, fungus soup
Ingredients: black fungus twenty five grams, two hundred grams of tofu, slightly salt, a bowl of rooster soup
(one) 1st wash drinking water, black fungus, tofu cut into parts.
(2) include the tofu and black fungus chicken broth, salt, with the stew for 10 minutes, you could consume.

three, black fungus roll pig liver
Ingredients: black fungus five dollars, liver sixty-two, ginger one, jujube two, just a little salt
(A) the very first black fungus via the hair with water, washed cleanse, spare.
(2) The liver, ginger, jujube had been washed clear. Liver slices; ginger frying; jujube to go nuclear, spare.
(three) including the best level of h2o in the pot, very first boil more than higher heat till the h2o to boil, then add black fungus, ginger and pink dates, proceed with the fireplace burning about one hour, add liver, for example liver cooked, it is possible to include salt to flavor, drink.
four, black fungus grass burning
Ingredients: one hundred grams of black fungus, grass fish 250 grams, vegetable oil 300 ml (actual intake of around 50 ml), diced inexperienced onion, ginger, rice wine, pepper, wet starch, salt, soup, monosodium glutamate
(A) the water, black fungus stalks, rinse with drinking water, drain clear water; fish scoured, reduce into thin slices, in to the tray, place the rice wine, salt.
(two) the fish pickled minute, remove the fillets, with moist starch fantastic backup.
(three) wok fire, put vegetable oil until the they are hot, slide the fish in to the pot completely, get rid of and drain absolutes.