Bittersweet: Bait-averse Cockroaches Shudder At Sugar

Robber took roach bait, dollar-store worker reports

The tests showed the unexpected electrophysiological reactions that glucose stimulates both sugar and bitter receptor neurons, confirming behavioral tests that showed roaches quickly fleeing from glucose when presented with it. But it's not just a sugar aversion. Roaches exposed to fructose were happy to partake of its sweetness. Glucose-averse roaches that were forced to taste glucose refused to ingest the sugar, akin to a child who spits out her bitter-tasting food. Continue reading at

They broke a window at Chadderton Town Hall and stole a locked container with 13 dispensers of Du Pont Advion Cockroach Gel inside. The burglary happened between 09:00 GMT on 9 January and 07:50 the following day. Police said the gel was potentially toxic for humans if swallowed and could cause major skin irritation. PC Craig Bowring said: "The gel these thieves have stolen can only be used for one legitimate purpose which is to tackle a cockroach problem, so for what reason they took it I do not know. Continue reading at

Cockroach gel bait stolen from Chadderton Town Hall

An employee of the Family Dollar store at 3409 Base Line Road told officers that a man entered the store about 11:35 a.m. and attempted to leave with several roach-killing bait strips, according to a Little Rock Police Department report. The worker said she tried to stop the man from leaving by holding the door closed, but he pushed her out of the way and headed west on Bruno Road, the report states. Two boxes of the roach strips, along with two credit cards and a flashlight, fell from the robber's pants as he fled, but the store employee said she thought he made off with more of the insect bait, according to the report. The robber was described as a black man, about 5 foot 10 and 190 pounds, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black jogging pants with two white stripes along the legs. Continue reading at